Maximizing Profits with GPS Trailer Tracking in Canada

In the world of logistics, trailers are vital assets susceptible to theft. Stolen trailers disrupt shipments, delay deliveries, and hurt fleet efficiency. Trailer tracking devices are the answer. They empower fleet managers to monitor trailers closely, ensuring their safety throughout the journey. If theft occurs, these devices send instant alerts, enabling swift recovery. Moreover, the presence of GPS tracking deters potential thieves, protecting the business and creating a safer environment for drivers.

But that’s not all. GPS systems do more than boost security. They revolutionize fleet operations. Managers can optimize trailer use, cut downtime, and boost load capacity. Idle trailers are quickly redeployed, maximizing monthly loads per trailer. This streamlining boosts profits and minimizes expenses, giving your fleet the edge it needs. Join us as we explore how trailer tracking devices are reshaping the transportation landscape and meet HOS247 tracking solutions.

Flexible plans whether you have 1 or 500 vehicles

Benefits of GPS Trailer Tracking Software

Harnessing the power of modern asset tracking software brings many advantages, reshaping how businesses protect and manage their business investments, such as trailers and heavy equipment. By attaching GPS tracking devices to assets, you gain unprecedented visibility, accessible from anywhere, anytime. This real-time insight empowers operators and managers to increase equipment efficiency, utilization, and overall lifecycle:

  • Centralized data management. Trailer tracking software can integrate with existing systems, consolidating all relevant data into an intuitive dashboard accessible on computers or smartphones. Supervisors have a birds-eye view of operations in real time, helping them optimize management.
  • Data-driven decision making. Centralized data provides a nearly real-time view of inventory and usage patterns. Identify underperforming assets swiftly and track usage for informed cost analysis, resulting in optimized asset utilization.
  • Robust security enhancements. Asset tracking software boosts security for both powered and non-powered equipment. Alerts are issues for unauthorized movement, enhancing the chances of swift asset recovery.
  • Improved customer service. Trailer tracking solutions ensure shipment safety while providing constant updates. Real-time asset visibility through a live map view fosters trust with customers as it allows for more accurate ETAs.
  • Maximized returns on investment. In today’s competitive landscape, optimizing returns is crucial. Trailer fleet GPS tracking is the key to efficiency, security, and utilization. 

Unlock the potential of modern trailer asset tracking and steer your business towards a future defined by efficiency, security, and success. HOS247 empowers enterprises to manage high-value assets seamlessly, fostering a new era of operational excellence.

HOS247 all-in-1 fleet management

Choosing the Right GPS Tracking System

Selecting the ideal GPS tracking system for your fleet requires careful consideration of several crucial factors. Here’s a checklist of qualities to prioritize when evaluating GPS trackers:

  • Hardware compatibility. Enhance fleet-wide protection by selecting a provider that offers diverse tracker options compatible with your trailers, but maybe also your vehicles to add an extra layer of security and optimization.
  • ELD Integration. If your fleet engages in intraprovincial commerce, opting for an electronic logging system that integrates with GPS tracking may simplify your operations. Combining ELD compliance with real-time fleet visibility from a single provider eliminates complexities and minimizes staff training efforts.
  • Effortless installation. Downtime and extra fees can hinder your operations. Choose a GPS tracker with uncomplicated installation that can be done by your staff, ensuring your fleet remains up and running without unnecessary interruptions.
  • Real-time tracking. While periodic updates might suffice for some, real-time trackers enhance security, streamline dispatching, and empower efficient decision-making. Opt for real-time tracking capabilities that keep you informed about your vehicles’ locations without delay. 
  • Useful technical support. A reliable fleet GPS tracking system is backed by responsive and knowledgeable customer support. The right provider will guide you through implementation and troubleshooting, optimizing your system for peak performance.
  • User-friendly interface. Complex technology shouldn’t translate to complicated usage. Choose a GPS system with an intuitive fleet manager portal, making it easy for users to navigate and harness the system’s full potential. User reviews on unbiased platforms can shed light on the usability of the software as well as the quality of customer support.
  • Trial period. Prioritize finding the perfect fit for your trucking business over cost considerations. Seek providers who offer a demo or trial period, allowing you to evaluate the system’s performance before committing. This hands-on experience ensures your investment aligns with your fleet’s requirements.

Make an informed choice that propels your fleet towards enhanced performance and success.

Improve Fleet Productivity with HOS247

Discover the advantages that HOS247 brings to the table, revolutionizing fleet efficiency, regulatory compliance, and overall performance:

  • Multilingual support. HOS247 takes pride in its seven-day, multilingual customer support. Our knowledgeable representatives, including Spanish and Russian speakers, are always ready to assist truckers in troubleshooting whenever they need it.
  • Beyond trailer tracking. HOS247 offers more than just trailer trackers. We provide devices that connect to vehicles, capturing useful metrics for enhanced fleet management, enabling you to monitor both trailers and vehicles and make data-driven decisions for optimal performance.
  • Real-time data insights. HOS247’s commercial trailer tracking systems provide a significant edge with real-time data insights into trailer locations and statuses. Fleet managers gain immediate visibility, helping them make informed decisions. With the user-friendly fleet manager portal, supervisors can access live updates and track trailer movements every 30 seconds. This real-time intelligence empowers on-the-fly adjustments, ensuring smoother deliveries and enhanced operational efficiency.

HOS247 GPS fleet tracking portal

  • Compliance through ELD integration. Beyond securing trailers, HOS247’s tracking systems integrate seamlessly with electronic logging devices (ELDs) to ensure compliance with Transport Canada regulations. ELD-integrated trailer tracking streamlines hours of service (HOS) management, significantly reducing violation risks.
  • Flexible plans for all fleet sizes. Designed to cater to fleets of all sizes, HOS247’s trailer tracking systems offer unmatched scalability. Whether you manage a compact fleet or a corporate giant, our solutions are adaptable to your unique needs. Our flexible plans optimize resource allocation, seamlessly accommodating growth and fine-tuning efficiency.
  • Revolutionized maintenance management. HOS247’s GPS trailer tracking systems revolutionize maintenance management. By monitoring asset health based on real-world usage and efficiency, timely alerts for routine maintenance or repairs are provided, effectively preventing costly breakdowns.
  • No-contract policy. Our pricing model features monthly and yearly subscriptions without any long-term commitments. This approach ensures precise cost control aligned with your business dynamics, offering you the freedom to scale your services as needed.

In an evolving transportation and logistics landscape, fleet efficiency, security, and compliance drive sustainable growth. HOS247’s commercial trailer tracking system provides a complete solution. Empower data-driven decisions with real-time insights. Invest in our GPS trailer trackers, fortify security, streamline operations, and amplify profitability. Embrace HOS247’s advanced technology and proactive support through our two-week trial offer.

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HOS247 Offers All-in-One Vehicle Fleet Management Solutions

Elevate your fleet management game with HOS247’s all-in-one fleet management solution, packed with features designed to optimize operations. Discover the power of:

  • Electronic logbook. Simplify FMCSA compliance and HOS violation prevention through HOS247’s integrated electronic logging device solution. 
  • IFTA mileage calculations. HOS247’s solution provides accurate mileage per jurisdiction, minimizing errors in tax reporting and saving valuable time and resources.
  • Vehicle maintenance tracking. HOS247 tracks usage of your vehicles and reminds you of scheduled tasks like oil changes and tire rotations, reducing downtime and costly repairs.
  • Fault code detection. HOS247 detects vehicle fault codes, alerting fleet managers via our user-friendly portal. Address issues before they escalate, keeping your fleet in top shape and your drivers safe.
  • Automated idle tracking. Monitor engine idle time to enforce wastage-reducing policies and cut operational costs.

By harnessing the capabilities of HOS247’s system, carriers can significantly extend the useful lives of their vehicles and optimize operations, maximizing their investment. Efficiency, compliance, and cost-saving – it’s all within your grasp with HOS247’s comprehensive fleet management solution.

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