White Label ELD & GPS Tracking Reseller Program in Canada

Resell ELD & GPS Tracking Under Your Brand Name

White Label ELD

Become an ELD software & hardware reseller to help your clients stay

White Label GPS Tracking

Become a GPS Tracking software & hardware reseller to help clients manage their fleets.

White Label Dashcam*

Become a dashcam reseller to help
your clients improve their
fleet’s safety.

What is a white label software?

White label software refers to a digital product or service that’s created and supported by one company but sold by another. White label software is available for purchase without any branding so that the reseller can use their own brand image and logo to offer the software to their customers. White label software solutions are quick and easy to brand and are backed by the manufacturer’s expertise.

What is an ELD?

ELDs (Electronic Logging Devices) are mandatory by Transport Canada. They’re required to automatically record driving data to manage HOS (Hours Of Service) and RODS (Record Of Duty Status) reports. Most CMV (Commercial Motor Vehicle) drivers in Canada are required to use electronic logbooks.

What is GPS fleet tracking?

GPS Fleet Tracking is a system that allows fleet managers and dispatchers to monitor and manage vehicles, equipment, and tools in real-time. GPS tracking systems use telematics technology to collect location data (including GPS coordinates, vehicle speed, fuel level, battery charge, idle time, etc.) in order to optimize their operations efficiency. GPS fleet tracking can help all sorts of industries, including transportation & logistics, distribution, construction, rental industry, and more.

What is a Fleet Dashcam?

A fleet dashcam is a video camera attached to a vehicle. It automatically records video of accidents, risky events, and even risky driver behavior. Fleet dash cams can help protect CMV drivers, and even protect a business from lawsuits thanks to the video recording evidence.

White Label ELD Reseller Solution

Help your clients stay Transport Canada-compliant with our easy-to-use ELD app.
We offer a full ELD solution available under your own brand name that drivers can install on Android & iOS.

White Label ELD App

Fully white-labeled ELD app under your own that allows your clients produce and manage electronic logs, DVIR reports, and more.

Reliable Hardware

Reliable electronic logging hardware installs within minutes and connects to smartphone/tablet via USB or Bluetooth.

Transport Canada Registration

We offer the Transport Canada registration assistance for your company to become an approved ELD Provider.

White Label Materials

A full branding solution, right down to your manuals & training materials. It’s all under your own logo.

Become the Transport Canada-approved ELD Provider

Easy-To-Use White Label Fleet Manager Portal

Enable your customers to automate their Transport Canada compliance, increase their fleet visibility, and improve their overall efficiency with an easy-to-use, intuitive portal that’s all branded under your company name.

Easy-To-Use Log Management

Help your clients prevent hours of service violations, and reduce DOT audit risks by enabling fleet managers to manage drivers’ logs with ease.

Automated IFTA Mileage

Our white label solution can help you automate IFTA state mileage calculations for your customers.

ELD-captured GPS Tracking

Enable your customers to view and manage location data captured from the ELD devices.

Vehicle Diagnostics & Fleet Maintenance

Streamline your client’s vehicle diagnostics with fault code detection & help them reduce vehicle breakdowns.

Resell ELD & GPS Tracking Under Your Brand Name

Who can become an ELD reseller?

HOS247 white label ELD software and hardware reseller program is tailored towards trucking/transportation industry
professionals and related organizations.

Fleet Management / GPS Tracking Providers

HOS247 white label ELD software and hardware reseller program is tailored towards trucking/transportation industry professionals and related organizations.

Trucking Compliance Consultants & Companies

Take your trucking compliance consultant business one step further by reselling the elog solution to your existing client network and deepening your hours or service expertise.

Trucking Professionals/Experts

Utilize your trucking expertise and expand your business by setting up a white-label ELD software company. It’s a great way to generate additional revenues that can end up becoming your main source of income!

Transportation Industry Experts

If you’re related to the logistics/trucking industry and are looking for an opportunity to generate new revenue streams for your business, then reselling white label software is a win-win for your company.

Become the Transport Canada-approved ELD Provider
gps fleet tracking

White Label GPS Fleet Tracking

HOS247 white label GPS tracking software solution allows resellers to offer reliable tracking software and hardware options to their clients. Tracking devices can be used with or without ELD which is ideal for mixed fleets. Enable your customers to accurately track vehicles with real-time GPS, get reports on idle time and increase fleet efficiency all under your own brand image! The can also be integrated with a third party telematics or TMS systems.

White Label Tracking Portal

Help improve your customers’ fleet efficiency via the easy-to-use white label tracking portal that provides complete fleet visibility for your customers. Enable your customers to track their vehicles in real-time with GPS location monitoring and management solution.

Reliable Hardware

Reliable preconfigured plug-and-play and hardwired tracking device options are available to offer to your end-users. Your brand and your customers will benefit from the modern 4G/LTE GPS tracking solution.

Resell ELD & GPS Tracking Under Your Brand Name

White Label Fleet Dashcam

Increase your clients’ safety and help protect their businesses from frivolous lawsuits with a white label fleet dashcam solution. A fleet dashcam can allow them to record accidents, risky events, and risky driver behavior.

*Coming soon

Become the Transport Canada-approved-approved ELD Provider

White Label Solution Backed By Top-Rated Customer Support

HOS247 provides all the training you need so you can help your customers if something comes up. Our white label solutions come with support manuals and training materials that you can brand and customize with your company image and logo.

Multi-Channel Support 7 Days A Week

We’re available for our resellers 7 days a week through phone, email, online chat, or self-service support center. 

Training for Resellers

We provide training on how to support your customers. We can help our resellers with installation, onboarding, compliance questions, troubleshooting, and more.

Multilingual Support Team

Our team is composed of multilingual logistics experts. We speak English, Spanish, Russian, and Polish.

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