Owner operated truck
ELD Reviews

Best Elog for Owner Operator in Canada

In an industry where time is money, owner-operators are constantly seeking the best tools to enhance their efficiency and ensure compliance with stringent regulations. Electronic logging devices (ELDs) have become a crucial part of this quest. However, navigating the vast

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Semi-trailer truck International Navistar
ELD Reviews

A Trucker’s Guide to Choosing the Best ELD in Canada

For truckers, compliance with regulations, especially Transport Canada’s, is not just a requirement, but a critical component of safe and efficient operations. Among these regulations, the implementation of electronic logging devices (ELDs) has emerged as a cornerstone, transforming the way

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Green semi in winter
ELD Services & Devices

Upgrading Your Transport Canada ELD Mandate Device

As a trucker, complying with the Transport Canada ELD mandate is crucial, but you might be facing challenges with your current ELD that hinder productivity and satisfaction. If that is the case, choosing a better electronic logbook is essential for

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Semis with GPS asset tracking devices
GPS Fleet Tracking Tips in Canada

Transforming Logistics with GPS Asset Tracking Devices

In the trucking industry, the efficient management and safeguarding of assets are crucial. As businesses grow and operations expand across regions, the ability to keep track of movable and fixed assets—be it equipment, vehicles, or even high-value goods—becomes a core

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commercial trucks on parking lot
GPS Fleet Tracking Tips in Canada

Finding the Perfect Truck Tracking App for Your Fleet in Canada

In today’s Canadian trucking industry, efficient logistics and transportation management stand as pillars of success. With advancements in technology, truck tracking apps have not only become essential but more accessible than ever before. For transportation companies and logistics providers, tracking

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Trailers on parking lot
GPS Fleet Tracking Tips in Canada

Maximizing Profits with GPS Trailer Tracking in Canada

In the world of logistics, trailers are vital assets susceptible to theft. Stolen trailers disrupt shipments, delay deliveries, and hurt fleet efficiency. Trailer tracking devices are the answer. They empower fleet managers to monitor trailers closely, ensuring their safety throughout

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Fleet of semitrucks
Fleet Management Systems & Features

Fleet Management Devices for Canadian Carriers

Fleet management is a comprehensive approach to managing and optimizing a company’s vehicle fleet, which may comprise trucks, delivery vans, or a combination of vehicles. Effective management is crucial to ensuring operational success and covers a wide array of tasks,

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