HOS247 Offers Commercial Truck Tracking Devices

The ability to monitor vehicles in real time is a major benefit to fleet managers. When able to view location data, speed, a driver’s idle time and more, fleet managers can make real-time decisions that benefit the business as a whole. Commercial truck tracking devices (also called GPS trackers or automatic vehicle locators) aren’t all the same, however. Some GPS providers are more experienced with the needs of trucking fleets than others. HOS247 is a leader in the industry and offers commercial fleet GPS tracking solutions that can directly impact the bottom line of all trucking operations that utilize them. 

What is a GPS Tracker?

GPS trackers are devices that are easily installed in a vehicle to collect data, including location coordinates, via what’s called the Global Positioning System. Trackers can be either “plug and play,” requiring easy installation without professional assistance, or hardwired to a truck’s OBD2 port to prevent the risk of being tampered with. HOS247 offers both types of GPS tracking devices.

The data collected by a GPS tracker is of no use, however, unless it can be viewed by fleet managers. For that purpose, GPS devices need to be connected to the internet so the data can be transmitted to GPS fleet tracking servers and viewable on a website or app where fleet managers can view, organize, download and share the data. 

However, even when not connected to the GPS fleet tracking server, vehicle data (such as current location and past location) is always accessible to fleet managers — even when the vehicle’s driver is off duty. This is because vehicle data is tracked separately from driver data.

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Who Is GPS Fleet Tracking For?

Whether a small business with a handful of commercial motor vehicles or a large trucking business, organizations of all sizes can benefit from commercial truck GPS tracking. Some specific industries that have benefited from commercial truck tracking devices include:

  • Passenger transport
  • Food and beverage delivery
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Plumbing
  • Landscaping
  • Waste management
  • Public safety

It isn’t just vehicle management that GPS tracking helps with. The technology is beneficial for any business that has equipment to keep track of and manage.

HOS247 gps tracker connection scheme

Benefits of HOS247 4G GPS Tracking Devices for Commercial Trucks 

Decisions regarding which truck to dispatch, which drivers to assign to which route and what delivery time to promise customers are a daily part of managing a trucking operation. Since much of those decisions rely on real-time information, commercial fleet GPS tracking can provide countless benefits. Some of the most commonly recognized benefits include:

  • Cost savings – Knowing which route is most efficient for a driver saves money on fuel. Also, when a driver knows their vehicle’s location is being tracked, they’re far less likely to use the vehicle for unapproved personal errands, which reduces wear and tear on the vehicle as well.
  • Security – If a vehicle is stolen, it can easily be recovered with an accurate GPS location.
  • Driver safety – If a driver gets lost, gets into an accident or is in an area facing adverse weather, fleet managers can more easily assist them since they have the driver’s real-time location.
  • Flexibility – Fleet managers and dispatchers don’t need to be in their office in order to access driver information. The portal is accessible anywhere there is an internet connection, allowing management staff to work from anywhere that has an internet connection.
  • Efficient maintenance – It’s much easier to schedule vehicle maintenance when the miles driven and hours of operation are automatically recorded. This ease of scheduling also frees up time for employees to do other types of work.
  • Modern 4G capabilities – 4G GPS tracking devices for commercial trucks ensure data is transferred more quickly, making the operation of the business more efficient overall. 

These are just a few of the many benefits a reliable GPS truck tracking solution can offer for fleets.

HOS247 gps tracker

Switch to 4G GPS Tracker Due to 3G Network Shutdown 

Technology is constantly evolving, and mobile networks are struggling to keep up with the increased demand for speed and storage. As such, major wireless carriers are transitioning from 3G to 4G (and eventually 5G) technology in order to effectively deliver what customers expect. That means that drivers, too, must upgrade their GPS devices in order to avoid communication disruptions if they’re still using 3G networks and devices. The best way to do this is to take an inventory of all 3G devices and be prepared with an official count before shopping around for replacements.

Additionally, 5G won’t be available worldwide for quite some time. But 4G networks will serve as the heart of 5G technology, meaning that 4G GPS tracking devices will be able to be used even after 5G is officially made available.

Gain Full Control Over Your Fleet Management by Utilizing a New Generation Commercial Truck GPS Tracking System 

Businesses that choose commercial truck tracking devices for their fleets are often surprised by how, even though they purchased the devices to keep track of their assets, they’ve actually been able to gain more control over their entire fleet and manage it more effectively. As such, they’re also enhancing their efficiency and saving money.

Manage Drivers’ Speed

When a driver speeds, they cost the organization more money in fuel costs. The same is true when they idle excessively. A commercial fleet GPS tracking system, however, alerts fleet managers when their drivers are speeding or idling. Managers can then address these types of driver concerns in real time to prevent them from happening again. 

Boost Security

If a truck is  stolen, a GPS truck tracking solution can help owners quickly recover their assets. But since fleet managers will already know where vehicles are located at any given time, this knowledge also helps prevent theft from occurring altogether, as they can take action and investigate if they receive an alert that a vehicle is being used off-hours or in an unapproved area.

Additionally, GPS truck tracking devices boost driver security and safety, as they alert the driver and owner of any required maintenance. Trucks that don’t receive scheduled maintenance risk breakdowns, accidents, noncompliance with safety guidelines and hefty repair costs.

Provide High-Quality Customer Service

When dispatchers know the exact location of their drivers and vehicles, they can more quickly match the right driver to the right job. Additionally, should a customer call with a request for a driver en route, a dispatcher can quickly contact the driver with any last-minute requests, thus better satisfying the customer’s needs. It also helps provide proof of services rendered. 

Use Active Vehicle Tracking to Generate Accurate Reports

Unlike passive GPS tracking, which requires manual downloading of information when vehicles return to their home base, active GPS tracking provides real-time access to vehicle information. This real-time information helps management make on-demand decisions to better manage their fleet. 

Additionally, it allows for seamless automation of reports both on-demand and on a scheduled basis. Fleet managers can compare the performance of two drivers, for example, using real-time data that helps inform decision-making.

semi truck with HOS247 label

What Other Features Are Needed for Your Trucking Operations in Addition to Fleet GPS Tracking? 

While GPS truck tracking devices certainly boost the efficiency of a trucking operation and help impact the bottom line, there are other features that fleet managers should look for when considering a comprehensive solution from a trusted GPS provider.


Electronic logging devices (ELDs), when paired with a reliable app, are required for most fleets today as a replacement for traditional paper logbooks. Essentially, an ELD connects to a vehicle’s diagnostic port and then transmits acquired information to the app and to the fleet operators, helping fleets and drivers stay compliant with hours of service (HOS) regulations and more.

IFTA Mileage Reporting

In addition to its GPS truck tracking devices, HOS247 can also calculate the amount of fuel that is purchased by drivers, and by jurisdiction, while also automatically calculating the distance that’s traveled by a vehicle. The seamless automation of otherwise complex calculations by HOS247 devices makes fleet management much easier, cutting down on time-consuming administrative duties and reducing the risk of error immensely. 


A typical day of a commercial truck dispatcher involves excessive communication that otherwise has to be done via telephone or text without the help of efficient software. Each phone call requires the consideration of many variables, including which drivers are available for a trip, where they are currently located, whether they have the right equipment for the job and how many hours they’re legally allowed to remain on-duty. 

HOS247 commercial truck tracking solutions make a dispatcher’s job much easier, as they can assign jobs in a matter of seconds. When a dispatcher types in a customer’s name, their address is already filled in for them, along with real-time locations of the closest drivers. When a dispatcher assigns a job, the driver then gets a notification on their driver dashboard, along with any specific instructions. This ease of use allows a dispatcher to plan a driver’s day within minutes.

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HOS247 Is a Top-rated Trucking Technology Provider

Finding the right GPS commercial truck tracking products involves more than just finding one that’s the most inexpensive. Instead, those in charge of making the final decision are tasked with doing their due diligence to make sure the product is easy to use, is offered by a reputable organization and has knowledgeable customer service support. Without choosing wisely, they could get stuck in a contract and end up wasting money on a product they can’t even use.

HOS247 is top-rated among trucking technology providers for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Multilingual customer service available 24/7, speaking Spanish, English, Russian and Polish
  • No need to lock into long-term contracts
  • Hassle-free returns within two weeks if unsatisfied
  • Honest reviews from real users — both drivers and fleet managers — on Apple and Android app stores

Choosing the right commercial truck GPS tracking system isn’t just about choosing a device that helps locate trucks; instead, it is about choosing a device from a partner that has years of experience and is invested in a trucking organization’s bottom line.

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