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What Is ELD and How to Choose One?

Since the ELD mandate’s implementation in 2017, electronic logbooks have become an integral working tool both for CMV drivers and fleet managers. But, what does ELD stand for? ELD stands for electronic logging device. These digital tools must be used … Read More

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Affordable ELD for FMCSA Compliance

The prices of electronic logging devices may fluctuate considerably. Looking for ways to cut operational expenses, some truckers might hire providers who offer low-priced elog solutions. Unfortunately, this idea rarely works out as planned, and motor carriers end up paying … Read More

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DOT Electronic Log Books for Successful Trucking Operations

Since the Department of Transportation’s ELD mandate came into effect, drivers of commercial vehicles have been required to use electronic logging devices to record hours of service. Choosing dependable DOT electronic log books can help carriers prevent ELD and HOS … Read More

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Logbook to Achieve DOT ELD Compliance 

Finding a guaranteed compliant DOT ELD may be challenging in the US. Manufacturers of electronic logging devices certify their own products based on the technical requirements established by FMCSA. Unfortunately, even elogs officially registered in the DOT ELD list may … Read More

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Truck Driver Log App for ELD Compliance

When choosing an ELD for your business, it’s important to remember that user-friendly software is as crucial for compliance with the ELD law as dependable hardware. The truck driver log app on the driver’s phone or tablet displays the HOS … Read More

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Could a Cheap ELD Be Reliable?

It’s understandable why truckers choose low-priced electronic logging devices. However, cheap ELD solutions may end up being more expensive for a variety of reasons. For example, low-quality hardware can be unreliable and may break easily, leading to downtime and financial … Read More

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Choose the Right Digital Logbook App for Your Trucking Business

Modern trucking businesses rely on electronic logbook devices to manage their HOS as required by federal law. These tools are essential to ensuring compliance and overall safety on the road. While some truckers are still allowed to use paper logs, … Read More

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FMCSA Elogs to Achieve Compliance and Boost Productivity

The ELD mandate implemented in December 2017 drastically changed the trucking industry. With several exemptions, elog rules require most commercial drivers to automate their working routine using FMCSA approved elogs. The initiative intends to avoid the problem of inaccurate data … Read More

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Reasons to Choose an Advanced Truck Driver ELD

Some drivers might find it pointless to invest in a quality ELD for truck drivers when a low-cost device meets their requirements. Also, with hundreds of providers of truck driver electronic logging devices in the market, finding the right one … Read More

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What to Look for in a Logbook ELD Solution

Hours of service records have been a part of truckers’ jobs for many years. Since HOS rules became law and up until the ELD mandate was passed, paper logs were the way to keep records of duty status. Drivers would … Read More

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Everything You Need to Know About Elogs for Truckers

Elogs for truckers help businesses in the transportation and trucking sectors with HOS compliance and productivity. Carriers must use them to comply with the mandatory federal requirement for drivers to keep their RODS electronically; however, they can also be an … Read More

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ELD Electronic Logging Device for Truckers

The ELD electronic logging device has become an essential tool for trucking professionals since the FMCSA issued its mandate. This legislation is aimed at commercial vehicle drivers who are required to keep RODS and operate under HOS rules. In this … Read More


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