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Logbook to Comply with the Electronic Logging Device Policy

The Department of Transportation is responsible for federal transportation policy, which the FMCSA enforces. The ELD federal mandate is especially important, since it has made a big difference in the way authorities monitor hours of service compliance. The purpose of … Read More

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Everything You Need to Know About Elogs for Truckers

Elogs for truckers help businesses in the transportation and trucking sectors with HOS compliance and productivity. Carriers must use them to comply with the mandatory federal requirement for drivers to keep their RODS electronically; however, they can also be an … Read More

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Fleet Vehicle Tracking System for Increased Profitability

Fleet management systems are designed to help transportation operations run more efficiently. Full visibility of the fleet’s activities allows managers to find ways to improve operations and keep costs low. Successful transportation businesses have evolved with technology and harness the … Read More

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ELD Electronic Logging Device for Truckers

The ELD electronic logging device has become an essential tool for trucking professionals since the FMCSA issued its mandate. This legislation is aimed at commercial vehicle drivers who are required to keep RODS and operate under HOS rules. In this … Read More

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Elogbook for USA Truckers

Hours of service limits for truckers were first established in the USA in 1937 to prevent driver fatigue. Since then, HOS rules have been revised many times, and electronic logging devices have changed the landscape of the trucking industry. The … Read More

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GPS Fleet Management System for Trucking

GPS technology has become an essential tool in the trucking industry. A GPS fleet management system provides useful information of a fleet’s trucks, including real-time locations, vehicle diagnostics, and much more, allowing carriers to optimize deliveries, load assignments, and other … Read More

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Improve Trucking Operations with GPS Fleet Management

Trucking businesses need their fleet to safely transport products to their customers. It can be challenging to supervise the individual operations of each truck. Fleet managers often rely on calls to contact drivers or on second hand information to stay … Read More

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Fleet Tracking Devices with Top-Rated Support

The data collected by fleet tracking devices can be used to optimize processes, reduce costs and increase driver safety, improving the business’s bottom line. That said, there’s no doubt that using a fleet vehicle tracking device is a worthwhile investment, … Read More

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Switch to a Top-Rated ELD Solutions App

An efficient electronic logging system is essential for any trucking business to thrive. As per the elog mandate, commercial vehicles require this equipment, and with hundreds of options on the market, it can be difficult to choose a trustworthy one. … Read More

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ELDs HOS Logbook for American Truckers

ELDs HOS Logbook for American Truckers The federal mandate for the use of electronic logging devices (ELDs) helps keep drivers compliant with hours of service (HOS) limits. Driver fatigue has proven to cause accidents and losses—human, material, and economic. The … Read More

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GPS Fleet Management Vehicle Tracking System to Increase Profitability

Fleet managers have a monumental responsibility in the trucking industry. Their job is multifaceted and complex, and a reliable fleet management vehicle tracking system is one of the best ways to streamline it. This article will look at the positive … Read More

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Top-Rated Electronic Logging Device for Truckers

The transportation industry has evolved since the implementation of ELDs. Electronic logging devices for truckers are intended to improve road safety by ensuring compliance with HOS rules. However, finding a quality ELD that meets FMCSA standards might be challenging. The … Read More

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