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ELD to Comply With Semi Driver Hours of Service

Semi driver hours of service compliance is easier to achieve than ever before thanks to reliable ELD solutions like the one offered by HOS247. Fleet managers, owner-operators, and all types of drivers should rest easy knowing that their ELD solution … Read More

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Switch to Reliable ELDs HOS to Lower Your Costs

Switching to a reliable ELDs HOS provider can help lower your costs, saving you both time, money, and other resources. You will be able to review real-time data that will allow you to keep track of every single vehicle in … Read More

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FMCSA Compliant ELD — a Complete Guideline for Truckers and Drivers

Since the ELD mandate was published by FMCSA, it has created quite a stir among carrier companies and truckers all over the U.S.A. While many carriers are frantically looking for a reliable DOT compliant ELD, others are still deciding whether … Read More

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How HOS247 ELD Logs Can Help Take Your Business To The Next Level

If you manage a fleet or are an owner-operator, then you need to have ELD logs. An ELD (Electronic Logging Device) is mandatory for any commercial truck in the United States territory. But as a truck driver, what happens when … Read More

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HOS247 Offers Commercial Truck Tracking Devices

The ability to monitor vehicles in real time is a major benefit to fleet managers. When able to view location data, speed, a driver’s idle time and more, fleet managers can make real-time decisions that benefit the business as a … Read More

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ELD Rules and Regulations Commercial Drivers Need to Follow

Both big carriers and small owner-operators are subject to the Electronic Logging Device rule and need an ELD solution to operate legally. This requirement became law in 2016 with an implementation date of 2017. An additional exception was made for … Read More

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Get Reliable Electronic Logbook to Stay DOT Compliant

Electronic Logbooks are mandated by the DOT and FMCSA. Carries and owner-operations must comply with the HOS compliance rules or risk fines and delays. In an effort to avoid these problems transportation companies may be paying more than they should … Read More

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HOS247 Offers GPS Fleet Tracking Software

GPS fleet tracking, sometimes just referred to as “fleet tracking” or an “automatic vehicle locator system” is a type of technology that gives fleet managers the ability to keep track of their fleets in real-time. But it isn’t just about … Read More

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Your Guide to Finding the best Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet management tracking solutions are important for both large carriers and owner-operators to increase profits. A good tracking solution is a win-win for fleet managers to reduce costs and increase productivity while effectively managing fleet vehicles. Many fleet management solution … Read More

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FMCSA Electronic Log Rules

Electronic Logging Device or ELD helps trucker drivers to reduce unnecessary expenses and increase profits. ELD is now mandatory by FMCSA electronic log rules and the Department of Transportation (DOT) for a number of reasons. In addition to keeping track … Read More

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How 4G Fleet Tracking Systems are leading to huge changes in the global logistics industry!

A GPS fleet tracking system is one of the most advanced and informative methods for logistic and transportation companies to keep an “Eye in the Sky” style perspective of their transportation infrastructure and fleets. Combining a collection of on-vehicle inserted … Read More

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A Truck GPS Tracker System Build to Win

GPS tracking for fleet trucks enables route optimization, fuel conservation, and better customer service. The efficiency of a GPS tracking device entirely depends on the provider. HOS247 stands out in reliability, features, and affordability compared to the top providers in … Read More

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