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What to Look for in a Canadian Logbook ELD

Hours of service records have been a part of truckers’ jobs for many years. Paper logbooks have been the way to keep records of duty status since HOS rules became law. Drivers manually record the data on a sheet, which … Read More

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Everything You Need to Know About Elogs for Truckers in Canada

Elogs for truckers help businesses in the transportation and trucking sectors with HOS compliance and productivity. Carriers must use them to comply with the mandatory federal requirement for drivers to keep their RODS electronically; however, they can also be an … Read More

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ELD Electronic Logging Device for Canadian Truckers

The ELD electronic logging device will become an essential tool for trucking professionals when Transport Canada’s mandate is fully enforced. This legislation is aimed at commercial vehicle drivers who operate under HOS rules and are required to keep records of … Read More

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ELD Solutions App for Canadian Truckers

As per the ELD mandate, commercial vehicles will soon require electronic logging systems to stay Transport Canada compliant. An efficient elog solution will be essential for trucking businesses to thrive once the mandate is fully enforced beginning 2023. In this … Read More

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HOS ELD Logbook for Truckers in Canada

HOS ELD Logbook for Truckers in Canada The new federal mandate for the use of HOS ELDs will help keep drivers compliant with driving and on-duty time limits. Driver fatigue has proven to cause accidents and losses—human, material, and economic. … Read More

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Choosing the Right ELD Trucking Device for Canadian Operations

The best electronic logging devices do more than tracking hours of service — they must be backed up with prime customer support and have additional features to help carriers increase profitability. With the Canadian mandate’s full enforcement date approaching, trucking … Read More


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