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What Is ELD and How to Choose One in Canada?

Since the ELD mandate took effect in 2021, electronic logbooks have become an integral working tool both for CMV drivers and fleet managers in Canada. But what does ELD stand for? ELD stands for electronic logging device. What are electronic … Read More

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Logbook to Achieve Transport Canada ELD Compliance

After several enforcement delays, the Canadian ELD mandate was fully implemented on January 1, 2023. Much like the elog rule in the US, Transport Canada ELD regulations now require commercial vehicle drivers to record their hours of service using an … Read More

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Choose the Right Digital Logbook App for Your Canadian Trucking Business

As required by federal law in Canada, most trucking businesses now rely on electronic logbook devices to manage their HOS. These tools are essential to ensuring compliance and overall safety on the road. While some truckers are still allowed to … Read More

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ELD Electronic Logging Device for Canadian Truckers

The ELD electronic logging device will become an essential tool for trucking professionals when Transport Canada’s mandate is fully enforced. This legislation is aimed at commercial vehicle drivers who operate under HOS rules and are required to keep records of … Read More

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ELD Electronic Log Device for Successful Trucking Operations in Canada

Electronic logbooks will soon become an essential part of the trucking industry in Canada. Transportation professionals know that quality elogs will help operations run smoothly. However, finding the right one can be challenging. This article will help readers make the … Read More

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Log Book App for iPhone in Canada to Rely On

Log Book App for iPhone in Canada to Rely On Electronic logging devices will be critical for drivers and carriers operating under Transport Canada’s incoming mandate. The challenge is finding the right ELD when there are so many on the … Read More

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Log Books for Truckers and ELD Compliance in Canada

The purpose of the incoming ELD mandate issued by Transport Canada is ensuring road safety. To that effect, drivers are only allowed to drive and be on duty for limited periods. Paper records were the norm to keep records of … Read More

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Easy-To-Use ELD Trucking App for Drivers in Canada

Truckers have a lot to consider when choosing an electronic logbook for their business. They need to be mindful of compliance, price, the user-friendliness of each logbook app, and more. Considering the high turnover rate among drivers, it is vital … Read More

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Heavy Vehicle Log Book to Rely on for Compliance in Canada

HOS247 ‏‏‎‎‏‏‎ ‎HOS247 Rating HOS247 ‏‏‎‎‏‏‎ ‎HOS247 Rating HOS247 is a top ELD provider in the trucking industry. We offer a heavy vehicle log book app for transportation professionals that takes care of compliance and optimizes fleet operations. Our customers … Read More

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Truck Driver Log to Comply with Canadian HOS Rules

Drivers should take some time to look around before settling on their ELD system. When the Canadian mandate comes into effect next year, the truck driver log book will be a tool for daily use and it is sure to … Read More

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Canadian Digital Truck Logbook with Quality Support

Truck drivers and fleet managers have found a trustworthy digital truck log book provider in HOS247. Our team has assembled a solution that drivers can rely on to keep accurate HOS logs with minimal effort from the driver. Our user … Read More

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Preparing for Truck Daily Log Book Compliance in Canada

A truck daily log book is used to keep records of duty status (RODS) of commercial drivers to ensure compliance with hours of service rules and regulations. There are two types of logbooks: Paper logs. The driver must fill them … Read More


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