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Top-Rated Electronic Logging Device for Truckers in Canada

The transportation industry will change with the implementation of ELDs. Electronic logging devices for truckers are intended to improve road safety by ensuring compliance with HOS rules. However, finding a quality ELD may be challenging. A substandard device can make … Read More

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ELD Electronic Log Device for Successful Trucking Operations in Canada

Electronic logbooks will soon become an essential part of the trucking industry in Canada. Transportation professionals know that quality elogs will help operations run smoothly. However, finding the right one can be challenging. This article will help readers make the … Read More

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Best Vehicle Logbook App for Canadian Truckers

Compliance and safety are critical reasons for using an electronic logging device. Yet, several other factors that might indicate if an elog system is right for your trucking business. Making the wrong decision might mean ending up stuck with unreliable … Read More

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Choosing the Right ELD Trucking Device for Canadian Operations

The best electronic logging devices do more than tracking hours of service — they must be backed up with prime customer support and have additional features to help carriers increase profitability. With the Canadian mandate’s full enforcement date approaching, trucking … Read More

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ELD Manufacturers in Canada

Truckers and commercial motor vehicle drivers in Canada still have some time to adjust to the incoming ELD Mandate, but there will be no excuse for not complying with its regulations come January 1, 2023. Without a compliant electronic logging … Read More

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What Is the Best Digital Logbook for Canada HOS Compliance?

What Is the Best Digital Logbook for Canada HOS Compliance? Drivers have an extremely important job and are highly valuable for carrier companies. They deserve to have the best logbook available to make their work straightforward and manageable. HOS247 is … Read More


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