Reliable CDL Driver Log Books to Comply with the Canadian ELD Mandate

Carriers can turn the ELD requirement into an advantage by choosing an electronic logbook with the right qualities for their business. There are some must-have features to achieve federal compliance, and some others are not mandatory but can prove useful for trucking operations. A good selection improves the business’s overall performance and can help increase profits.

Here are some features that CDL driver log books should offer:

  • ELD feature. This is the most basic and critical function of the app. The CDL log book app allows drivers to access and manage HOS records collected by the hardware that connects to the engine. 
  • GPS tracking. One of the handiest tools for fleets. GPS enables fleet managers to monitor every vehicle in real-time, making dispatch more efficient and operations safer.
  • IFTA calculations. The International Fuel Tax Agreement compels drivers to pay a tax on the distance driven in each jurisdiction. CDL driver log books can do these calculations and save valuable time.
  • Vehicle maintenance. Having a plan is the best way to stay on top of things. The log book app can keep vehicle maintenance activities organized and notify you in case of fault codes.
  • Automated idle tracking. Managing idle time is one of the most effective ways to reduce fuel costs and increase fleet efficiency.
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The App is Only Halfway to Compliance 

Keep in mind that having a CDL log book app will not be enough to be compliant with the new federal standards for HOS record keeping. Transport Canada defines an ELD as technology that records HOS information directly from a vehicle’s engine and cannot be tampered with. Thus, the app is only a part of the electronic logging device. Once the hardware is installed, it records the necessary information, and the CDL log book app displays the data on a screen for drivers or inspectors to see.

Come January 1, 2023, carriers must equip their vehicles with certified ELDs. Once the device is set up, the app can be downloaded to the preferred device and synced with the hardware. Drivers’ HOS will be recorded and displayed on their smartphone or tablet to keep them compliant.

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HOS247 Is a Top-Rated Provider of CDL Driver Log Books

Our team has developed a product that combines high-quality hardware with intuitive CDL driver log books to provide our customers the service they deserve. Our clients range from owner-operators to large fleets, and our user reviews show that the HOS247 logbook performs consistently well at all levels. Our solution is reliable and known for its top-rated, multilingual customer support. It also includes many more benefits, such as:

  • Android and iOS compatibility. The logbook app operates just as well on Android and iOS smartphones or tablet devices to suit the driver’s preference. 
  • Vehicle diagnostics. You can receive fault code alerts and notifications for issues with the vehicle. You can also schedule preventative maintenance activities.
  • Idle time reporting. Knowing and managing idle time is an effective way to increase the productivity of the fleet. With it, you can reduce fuel expenses and late charges.
  • No-contracts. You do not need to commit for extended periods of time. Our monthly subscription plans allow you to manage your logbook service, scale up, down, or cancel as you see fit.
  • Two-week trial with hassle-free returns. Try HOS247 for two weeks and, if you choose not to keep the device, you will receive your payment back, no questions asked.

What to Expect from an Electronic Logbook? 

The system has two main components: the hardware and the software. The vehicle tracking device (hardware) connects to the engine. The job of the ELD system is to record RODS for commercial vehicles drivers automatically. It will also record the ignition status, location, miles driven, and stops made. The data is then compiled to create duty status logs that drivers can access from a mobile app on their smartphone or tablet. The information collected and logged in real-time, so it is always updated. 

An elog solution can also help fleet managers stay updated about their drivers’ status with real-time visibility and support. This helps improve planning, inspections processes, and legal compliance activities and carriers can have a clear picture of the fleet’s status and quickly find areas for improvement or solve any problem that comes up.

Although not mandatory, a log book may have features or additions that should be taken into account before purchasing. Not all log app systems have the same roster of features, but some of the most common are: 

  • Real-time GPS. Improves visibility and planning capabilities.
  • IFTA calculations. This function helps with IFTA tax reports by calculating the distance travelled per jurisdiction. It saves time and prevents human errors.
  • DVIRs (Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports). Intended for maintenance activities in order to increase vehicles useful life.
  • Vehicle diagnostics. This feature enables fault code detection and notifications to increase safety.

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Key Functions of an Electronic Logbook

Canadian hours of service rules state that carriers should install in their trucks electronic logging devices that conform to the requirements of the Technical Standard, and that the display must be mounted in a fixed position so that it is visible to the driver while normally seated. Some of the functions CDL driver log books should perform are:

  • Internal synchronization with the engine control module.
  • Automatically records of driving time.
  • Location records.
  • Electronic data transfer.
  • Tamper prevention,
  • Certification of driver records (at end of each 24 hr period).
  • Display of RODS for safety officials on-demand.

In case of malfunctions, Transport Canada will allow carriers 14 days to fix the issue. In the meantime, RODS will have to be kept on paper, so it is important to know how to fill out a logbook for cdl drivers. 

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How to Know an ELD Is Compliant

The ELD mandate states that carriers must equip their vehicles with certified electronic logbooks to stay compliant. Certification must be granted by an approved third party that tests the hardware as well as the software of each logbook system submitted by manufacturers to ensure they fulfill every requirement on the Technical Standard.

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Strict analysis processes have been established, which can require in-vehicle testing, bench-top, or simulations. Certified vendors will receive a unique certification number and their devices will continue to be surveilled and partially retested, so carriers can rest assured that their devices remain compliant.

On June 12, 2021, the mandate came into effect and a one-year progressive enforcement period was granted. However, the amount of certified devices by March 7, 2022 led to an announcement that full enforcement has been postponed to January 1, 2023.

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