HOS Driver Electronic Logs & Trucking Hours of Service Rules in Canada

With the ELD mandate coming into full effect on January 1, 2023, truck drivers must comply with the new rules and use electronic logging devices. making the switch from paper logs might feel like a monumental feat at times. Companies need the very best software and devices to keep their team afloat and compliant. A HOS driver needs to be able to rely on the system that the company puts in place. 

Making the commitment to a particular electronic log is an important decision. Business managers need something that will be easy to use, simple to implement, and something that will ultimately save them time and money. In this article, you will find a guide on how to choose best ELD for HOS drivers.

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Choosing HOS247 

HOS247 is an industry leader providing HOS driver electronic logs for trucking. It is an excellent program to ensure that your company avoids any hours of service violations that could prove costly or dangerous. Drivers find that the software is easy to use and the apps are compatible with their current smartphones. 

In contrast to many of the other leading companies, HOS247 prioritizes customer service as a crucial component of our ELD. Drivers and company owners alike can call into customer service and reach a familiar voice each and every time. As an added bonus, the customer service team is multilingual and can offer assistance in English, Spanish, Russian, or Polish. Reliable support is one of the main tenets we pride ourselves on. 

You can feel free to try our services out risk-free. Unlike other companies that try to lock businesses into lengthy contracts to ensure money for the future, we don’t believe in contracts. In fact, we even offer a hassle-free two-week return with no questions asked.

Who Must Comply with HOS Regulations?

Anyone who is a federally regulated carrier must comply with the new rules. To put that into context, nearly 157,500 commercial vehicle drivers will be affected by the Canadian ELD Mandate. A company operating within a province in Canada falls under provincial jurisdiction, while one that provides extra-provincial transportation, including local activities, falls under federal jurisdiction as well. As it stands, changes do not apply to provincially regulated carriers. There are three main exemptions to the ELD Mandate.

  1. Any commercial vehicle that was built before the year 2000. 
  2. A short-term rental that is less than thirty days.
  3. Any vehicle that operates within a 160 km radius of its home terminal does not need to keep a logbook.

If a device happens to malfunction, hours of service can be recorded on paper logs for a maximum of 14 days in Canada or when the vehicle returns to a home terminal. The ELD must be repaired at this stage to full functionality.

hos 247 elogs portal

Truck Driver HOS Rules & Requirements

Here are some of the key requirements of the Canadian ELD mandate.  

  • The Canadian mandate has set a strict limit on the distance covered by a driver–75 kilometers or 50 miles approximately.
  • Trucking hours of service in Canada allows 2 off-duty hours within a 16-hour window to complete work.
  • The HOS directly reaches the officer in charge.
  • Canada hours of service for drivers requires a third-party certification before registering an ELD.
  • Driving status is automatically updated when the ELD system detects the speed of the vehicle is 8 km per hour or more
  • After the engine stops for an uninterrupted period of 5 minutes, the ELD device asks the driver if the status needs to be changed to “off-duty”
  • While driving in a customer’s yard, the ELD needs to be activated to ‘yard move’ mode so that the driver’s ‘on-duty’ status does not change to ‘off-duty’.
  • The certified logbook must be capable of detecting a minor fault or diagnostic problem and a major fault in the vehicle.
  • The elogsystem should enable the driver to manage unassigned driving time by providing options to accept or reject it anytime.
  • Any changes that are applied to the log must be approved by the driver.

It is also important to know the Canadian mandate requires compliant electronic logbooks to be certified by third-party agencies which leaves fewer device options for carriers operating in Canada. As a result, carriers will most likely look for a reliable provider offering certified-ELD. 

HOS247 is one the top-rated solutions offering registered ELD in the U.S. and Canada. HOS247 electronic logbook solutions are available with a no-contract policy under flexible plans to suit the requirement of fleet companies and individual owner-operators.

Switching to a Better Service Provider

Why is now the right time to switch to a better hours of service logbook provider? Tackling a project like finding new HOS driver logs can feel arduous, but avoiding this task may be costing the business more money in the long run. Truckers who have the right software to begin with are set up for success. We recommend reading user reviews on app distribution platforms to avoid the following red flags: 

Poor Customer Service

When the system is down, business owners must find a way to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. Dialing into a customer service line just to be put on hold for hours on end is bad for business. After a customer service representative picks up the line, you may still leave with more questions than answers. Poor customer service is always an indicator that a company may not be the right fit. 

Complicated Programming

Back office staff and truckers must both like the solution equally. In the office, it should make it easier than ever to run reports through the portal and manage HOS for truck drivers. A few clicks of the mouse are all it should take to reveal important information about the company’s compliance and their time efficiency. Similarly, truckers should be able to understand their HOS and keep tabs on their hours to avoid violations. This should also help to reduce safety concerns as drivers will not go beyond their allotted hours. 

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Dishonest Pricing

Many companies are not fully transparent with how much their system costs. Trucking companies are hit with unexpected fees for hardware, training courses, implementation, and more. To make matters worse, many ELD companies want to force you into long-term contracts that may not be beneficial. Be wary of companies who are not transparent with their pricing and who insist that you must sign up for two, three, or even five-year terms with them. 

New Solutions

You may want to be cautious about selecting a company that popped up after the ELD mandate was announced. Electronic logbooks involve complex technology and expertise. Check your potential provider’s track record and user reviews on app distribution platforms before making a final decision.

Add options as you grow when you need them

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How Can HOS247 Help

Fortunately, there are products like HOS247 on the market today that can help to keep trucking companies afloat. Our program is designed to help keep HOS trucking compliant with all of the federal hours of service mandates. We can help companies avoid costly violations and safety concerns while keeping our solution at an affordable price. 

One of the main features of the HOS247 system is that it alerts truckers when they are coming up on a potential violation. First and foremost, the connection between the ELD app and the engine automates the HOS records. 

Drivers who are nearing their driving time limit will receive a notice that they must take eight off-duty hours before driving again. By heeding the warnings offered by the HOS247 elog system, you can avoid costly mistakes and errors that keep truckers off the roads. It is worth the cost of the solution to keep business running smoothly.

Making the Right Decision 

HOS247 is the ideal choice for all companies and owner-operators who must comply with the latest mandate. Our customer service experience is second to none thanks to the dedication of our multilingual specialists. At an affordable rate, we can assist truckers who may be more at risk for HOS violations.

If you aren’t totally convinced that HOS247 is the right fit, be sure to give us a try. We offer a hassle-free two-week return policy that allows companies to have peace of mind about their decision. With no contracts required, we can get truckers started with our ELD right away so that they can stay compliant with the latest and most stringent standards. 

"Awesome. Easy to install and use. Top notch customer service! I recommend it to everyone.”

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“Great company to deal with. The support team is very responsive and competent. They provided a great deal of education for our company.”
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“Customer service is great. They helped me to set up everything and showed how to edit my logs. Thank you.”

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