Semi Truck Electronic Logbook to Comply with Canadian ELD Mandate

According to the ELD mandate, published in the Canada Gazette and enforced by Transport Canada, commercial vehicle drivers must use approved electronic logging devices instead of paper logs to keep records of duty status come January 1, 2023. This includes commercial semi truck drivers. But, how do electronic logbooks work? Are some semi trucks ELD exempt? This guide will answer these and more queries about semi truck electronic logbook rules and elogs.

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HOS Rules for Semi Truck Drivers

The ELD mandate states that most truck drivers operating commercially must maintain HOS records on registered electronic logging devices. This places semi truckers on the radar if they drive across province lines. HOS rules are meant to limit the on-duty time of commercial drivers to reduce driver fatigue and ensure road safety. In Canada, there are different rules for the North and South of the country, determined by the 60th parallel north. Here is a quick summary:

South of 60:

  • Drivers can work under one of two cycles: Cycle 1 (70 hours in 7 days) or Cycle 2 (120 hours in 14 days).
  • Hours of service can be reset to zero or switched by taking 36 consecutive off-duty hours for Cycle 1 or 72 for Cycle 2.
  • Drivers must be off duty for at least 24 consecutive hours every 14-day cycle.
  • Driving time is limited to 13 hours per day. After that, the driver must take at least 8 consecutive off-duty hours before driving again.
  • Driving is not allowed after 14 hours on duty, but drivers can perform non-driving tasks. Driving is only allowed again after the driver is off duty for at least 8 consecutive hours.
  • Driving is not allowed after 16 hours past the last 8-hour off-duty period.
  • Off-duty time in a day must be at least 10 hours.
  • Off-duty time, apart from the 8 consecutive hours, can be spread throughout the day in 30 minute blocks.
  • Yard move, adverse driving, personal conveyance, and deferral of daily off-duty time are supported.

Semi Truck Travels Highway Over Salt Flats Freight

North of 60:

  • Drivers can work under one of two cycles: Cycle 1 (80 hours in 7 days) or Cycle 2 (120 hours in 14 days).
  • Driving time is limited to 15 hours per day or work shift. After that, the driver must take at least 8 consecutive off-duty hours before driving again.
  • Driving is not allowed after 18 hours on duty.
  • Driving is not allowed after 20 hours past the last 8-hour off-duty period. 
  • Yard move, adverse driving, and personal conveyance are supported.

Electronic logging devices must be programmed according to the HOS limits to monitor compliance. They must also support HOS and ELD exemptions.

Drivers Covered by HOS Rules

Transport Canada oversees HOS regulations for drivers of commercial vehicles. According to the Motor Vehicle Transport Act, a commercial vehicle is one that:

  • is operated by a motor carrier; 
  • is propelled by something other than muscular power;
  • is a truck, tractor, trailer or a combination of these that weighs over 4,500 kg; or
  • is a bus that can seat more than 10 people (including the commercial driver).

How Do Electronic Logbooks Work?

Electronic logging devices synchronize with the vehicle’s engine to automatically record HOS data. The elog also collects other data from the vehicle, such as distance covered, engine start and stop, location, etc. Choosing the right semi truck electronic logbook can help fleet managers track vehicle movement in real-time and assist the driver regarding vehicle inspections and compliance issues. Electronic logs will also notify the commercial driver if the HOS rules are breached. Most systems allow drivers to manage their elogs via their mobile phones or tablets. The information recorded by electronic logs includes:

  • Hours of service
  • Distance traveled
  • Engine power up and shutdown
  • Fleet location via real-time GPS tracking
  • IFTA calculations
  • Vehicle diagnostics 

HOS247 Supports Semi Truck HOS Rules

HOS247 provides reliable elog devices. We have been operating successfully for many years and have built a trusted client base. HOS247 electronic logbooks are designed with advanced features that help semi drivers stay compliant and increase overall productivity and operational efficiency.

HOS247 elog app and device

Features of HOS247’s ELDs for Semi Trucks 

Easy to manage elogs. HOS247 logbooks allow drivers to manage data easily. The data appears on the screen, which the driver can accept or annotate in just a few clicks.

Reliable hardware. The ELD for semi trucks is durable and can be installed in minutes. It starts recording data immediately after the system is turned on. 

App integration. Our semi truck electronic logbooks can be integrated with the HOS247 app and operated by Android or iOs smartphones or tablets. The application enables all the functions of the ELD system, such as managing logs, DVIRs, driver support, and maintenance log. 

All-in-one fleet manager portal. The intuitive portal offers fleet managers more visibility and control. The platform provides instant access to compliance monitoring, IFTA calculations, GPS tracking, and vehicle diagnostics. This helps increase fleet efficiency and reduces operational costs. 

Active customer support. HOS247 offers client support seven days a week to help ensure optimal use of the devices for efficient fleet management. Our multilingual support team assists clients in English, Russian, Spanish, and Polish.
HOS247 eld connection scheme

Advantages of Using a HOS247 Semi Truck Electronic Logbook

The HOS247 semi truck electronic logbook increases overall fleet efficiency and vehicle safety. Here are some additional features it supports:

  • GPS tracking. The GPS tracker helps managers and owners with real-time vehicle location tracking. The elog alerts the carrier if the vehicle is driven to unregistered locations. It also sends alerts if the vehicle is used during off-duty hours and prevents vehicle theft. Fuel costs are reduced by preventing personal use of the vehicle after working hours, which contributes to the overall profitability and efficiency of the fleet. 
  • 4G network. HOS247 is compatible with the 4G network, allowing drivers to communicate with fleet managers and owners regarding any vehicle fault or compliance support. 
  • IFTA calculations. IFTA data is a crucial factor for tax reports. With HOS247’s ELDs, fleet managers can relax while the device automatically records data from the vehicle’s engine to calculate the distance traveled by tracking wheel rotation and vehicle speed. 
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Role of a Semi Driver

A truck driver earns his living by transporting goods from one place to another by driving a truck. The range of commercial goods can vary from retail goods to manufacturing materials, and working hours can also vary from day to night, depending on HOS limits. A semi driver needs several skills to fit into any contract-based driving job, from hard skills like efficiency in performing additional job responsibilities to necessary skills like safety checks, adherence to company policies, etc.

Red day cab bonnet big rig semi truck

Experience is often a requirement for this job; it does not necessarily have to be as a semi-driver but as a delivery driver or a truck driver. Any prior experience helps build a credibility factor regarding job efficiency and responsibility to the employer.

A semi truck electronic logbook is a practical requirement for every commercial semi driver earning a living from this job. HOS247 is a trusted provider that has been offering electronic logbooks to full-time drivers and semi drivers for many years. We offer reliable support for every client and have flexible plans to suit the requirements of every carrier and driver.

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