Canadian Vehicle Log Book App for Android and iOS

Drivers in Canada will soon have a legal obligation to use an ELD for their commercial operations. These ELD systems have many advantages: they support fleet maintenance, reduce operating costs for carriers, and prevent costly violations. An essential part of the system is the vehicle log book app, which allows drivers to access their hours of service information on a smartphone or tablet. This guide will answer all possible questions on compliance issues regarding elog apps and how HOS247 helps optimize your business.

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Are Vehicle Log Book Apps Compliant with Transport Canada Regulations?

A vehicle logbook app is certainly not enough to be compliant with Transport Canada’s regulations. As stated by Transport Canada, motor carriers will need certified electronic logbooks to comply with the mandate. Both the hardware and software must be submitted for testing by a third party in order to make sure the ELD system meets the Technical Standards. This testing process is very strict, and once the provider is approved they will receive a unique certification number and will continue to be evaluated over time. 

The app needs the device to be set up and on the engine in order to record HOS data. Only then can the vehicle logbook app do its job. The app is essential for a BYOD system because it uses the driver’s smartphone or tablet to operate.

HOS247 ELD Certificate of Compliance

Is It Better to Have Android or iOS Apps to Run Elog Software? 

There are no rules for providers or drivers on this choice, but a good ELD provider should have both vehicle logbook app options. As a general rule, either version of the app will do the job, but it will be much easier to pick a provider that offers both versions so that drivers can choose the device based on their personal convenience or preference. However, the most crucial factor is not the operating system but the ease of use of the app and the manufacturer’s reliability. HOS247 is as compatible with an iPhone as with an Android tablet.

Benefits of HOS247 ELD Solutions 

HOS247 is among the top-rated ELD providers. We have a proven track record in offering advanced elog solutions for truckers and fleets. Our brand has been in the market for quite a few years now, developing an in-depth understanding of the requirements of drivers and carriers. In addition to providing reliable RODS functionality, HOS247 ELD systems are designed with other features to simplify fleet management and improve overall efficiency. Following are the key features of HOS247 logbooks. 

  • Compatible with Android and iOS. HOS247 offers a motor vehicle log book app compatible with both of these operating systems. The app connects to tablets or smartphones via Bluetooth, and high-quality hardware provides a stable connection.

  • Customer support Monday through Sunday. We maintain a professional customer support team accessible every day of the week. The team assists customers in English, Spanish, Polish, and Russian. Besides guidance on the technical use of the devices, our reps also help users in optimum use of the advanced features of the electronic logbook to maximize profit.

  • Top-rated user experience. Our vehicle log book app is top-rated on app distribution platforms. These reviews come from actual customers who share their user experience regarding the app’s functionality. This proves the dependability and overall performance of the HOS247 ELD system.

HOS247 eld logbook

  • Real-time GPS tracker. Customers can avail of the real-time GPS tracking feature to make dispatch more efficient. It also prevents the vehicle from being driven to unregistered locations. This increases vehicle safety and gives managers a complete view of the fleet. 

  • IFTA calculations. HOS247 elogs can integrate with a vehicle engine to record mileage distance per jurisdiction for IFTA reporting. Eliminating human error from this process reduces workload and audit risks.

  • Vehicle diagnostics. Get fault code notifications if there is an issue with the vehicle. Also, prevent breakdowns with maintenance reminders when it is time for a truck’s service, oil changes, etc.

  • Idle reporting. The logging device synchronizes with the vehicle engine to count idling time and report it to managers. This will help reduce driver idling and fuel costs, enhancing fleet efficiency. 

How does the HOS247 elog work? 

Here is a quick overview of how the HOS247 ELD system works:

  • The hardware connects with the vehicle diagnostic port through a 6-pin, 9-pin, or 16-pin heavy-duty or medium port.
  • The device then uses Bluetooth to send the data to the vehicle log book application.

HOS247 ELD connection scheme

HOS247 logbooks come with an intuitive portal and a user-friendly vehicle log book app. The app displays all the recorded data and allows the driver to manage it per the ELD mandate. Through the intuitive portal, the fleet manager can easily view all the data and reach the driver in case of any issues regarding compliance or vehicle breakdown.

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A Vehicle Log Book App Can Help Your Business Grow

The ELD mandate has enforced the use of electronic logging devices instead of paper logs to enhance vehicle security and road safety. Besides simplifying RODS for drivers and reducing road accidents, elogs have other benefits, including:

  • Saves on costly penalties. The ELD system automatically records drivers’ HOS, RODS, and other necessary data to prevent DOT violations like driving over the time limit or not updating logs. This saves money on hefty fines, avoids CSA penalties, and minimizes drivers’ risk of being put out of service. 

  • Reduces fuel waste. The electronic logbook tracks engine usage and monitors idling time to reduce fuel costs. Also, the GPS tracks the location of each vehicle to increase safety and prevent personal use or driving to unapproved sites.

  • Optimizes fleet management. Dispatch can be optimized thanks to fleet management features. Fleet managers have a bird’s eye view of the vehicles in the fleet and drivers’ HOS to assign loads more efficiently and calculate estimated arrival times more accurately.

HOS247 ELD System

  • Reduce vehicle maintenance costs. With fault code detection and driver vehicle inspection reports, you can stay on top of vehicle maintenance. This helps prevent the sudden breakdown of trucks and saves money on repairs and delays.

  • Automated IFTA calculations. Advanced ELD solutions also offer the benefit of IFTA calculations. The vehicle synchronizes with the engine to collect accurate data and make tax reporting easier.

  • Lower insurance premiums. With increased vehicle safety by GPS tracker and fewer HOS violations, fleets using advanced elogs pay less for insurance premiums.

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