Improve Fleet Operations with Trucks GPS Tracking in Canada

GPS tracking for trucks helps carriers in Canada cut operational costs and optimize processes by monitoring vehicles’ locations in real-time, creating a more efficient workflow and increasing security for drivers and company assets.

GPS tracking technology offers way more than just accurate fleet monitoring; it allows managers to analyze collected data and gain valuable insights on vehicle maintenance, fuel consumption and other information that can be used to streamline workflows and optimize operations, improving profitability and customer satisfaction.

That said, choosing the right system is essential to enjoy the benefits that GPS tracking for trucks has to offer. In this article, we will answer important questions about tracking trucks with GPS and the benefits of HOS247 trackers.

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Benefits of HOS247 Trucks GPS Tracking

When purchasing a GPS tracker, motor carriers expect to get a reliable solution to help them manage their fleet more efficiently, comply with safety regulations, and smoothen daily processes. HOS247 4G GPS tracking for trucks is an up-to-date, accessible technology that provides monitoring and managing services for your fleet and boosts the overall productivity of your business.

The latest technology. Our system incorporates a 4G LTE network that can be ten times faster than 3G systems. The real-time fleet monitoring encourages better, more efficient fleet management and more transparent communication between operators and dispatchers. 

High-quality GPS truck tracking devices. Depending on our customer needs, we offer hardwired and ELD-integrated options. The trackers are tamper-resistant and provide truckers with insightful data. Installing this GPS tracking for trucks is easy and can be done by your own staff.

Easy to use and install GPS software. Our software can be easily downloaded from your internet browser and installed in a few minutes. 

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Accessible online portal. The comfortable fleet manager portal gives access to accurate reports based on the trackers’ data, including idling, maintenance issues, vehicle diagnostics, and more.

Optimized dispatch. Tracking truck drivers facilitates the work of dispatchers who can monitor vehicles in real-time and improve load assignment, avoiding deadhead kilometers.

Increased security. The system will notify the manager in case a vehicle is used during off-hours, driven to unauthorized locations, or has been involved in an accident. Besides preventing theft, concealed GPS devices may also help recover stolen assets.

Timely vehicle maintenance. The fleet maintenance feature issues automatic alerts when a truck is due for preventative maintenance, helping avoid major breakages, ensuring the vehicle’s compliance with safety guidelines, and prolonging its useful life.

Significant savings. Last but definitely not least, our reliable tracking device helps cut fuel costs caused by inappropriate driving behaviors such as speeding and idling. Fleet managers can use this information to identify areas of opportunity and implement solutions. By coaching your drivers to be more careful about fuel waste, you also reduce the carbon footprint produced by your company’s activities.

HOS247 GPS tracking connection scheme

How Does GPS Tracking Work?

Global navigation systems use data transmitted in real-time via Global Positioning Systems (GPS satellites). Satellite signals are processed in a designated receiver built into the GPS tracker device installed in the vehicle. It computes the geographic location, time, and other data related to the vehicle and transmits it wirelessly to the providers’ servers via 4G/LTE cellular networks. The GPS tracking system for trucks analyzes the received information and displays it via the fleet manager portal, allowing total control over fleet operations.

Can GPS Integrate with ELD?

HOS247 GPS can be fully integrated with our ELD solution to achieve compliance with the Canadian ELD mandate and 24/7 monitoring with a single system. Easily paired with a tablet or smartphone through an app, the electronic logbook collects all relevant information about a driver’s status, drive-shift-and-cycle time left, violations, and more, allowing operators to manage their digital driver log books and inspection reports with ease.

In addition to HOS records and inspection data, the ELD + GPS system generates complete reporting on fuel usage, vehicle diagnostics, and IFTA calculation, helping streamline internal workflows. When integrated with GPS, an ELD solution notifies fleet managers about problematic issues via a web-based portal. The system helps fleet administrators modify risky driver behavior, reduce fuel expenses, avoid expensive repairs and stay in compliance with ELD regulations.

HOS247 tracking app and device

HOS247 GPS Tracking Devices

With a focus on customer needs, HOS247 offers both 24/7 monitoring hardwired and ELD-based GPS hardware options. ELD-integrated hardware is set up by plugging into a vehicle’s OBD II port. Quick and simple installation allows truckers to rotate the hardware between different vehicles if needed.

Electronic logging device integration helps to stay compliant with the ELD law by accurately recording driving hours and sending alerts in case of possible HOS violations. The 24/7 monitoring hardwired tamper-proof device can be concealed inside the truck for security purposes. Battery-powered, this tracker will function even when the vehicle is off, allowing fleet managers to track the location and recover assets in case of theft. 

HOS247 hardwired devices collect GPS coordinates every 30 seconds when the truck is in motion. Even when the driver is not connected to the HOS247 gateway, fleet managers can still track vehicle data as the GPS truck tracking device collects it separately from driver data. The quality of the 4G connection receiver is optimal to ensure accurate data recollection in remote areas and in any weather conditions.

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Trucks GPS Tracking and Privacy in Canada

The use of GPS trackers in the fleet industry may raise questions related to privacy issues since business owners monitor the location of their drivers. Furthermore, the Canadian national privacy law for private-sector businesses called the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act  (PIPEDA) can be applied differently depending on the province.

However, as a general rule, it is legal to use GPS tracking for business purposes as long as employees are aware of and consent to the data collection and use. Employers are expected to provide a legitimate reason for the data recollection, limit the collected data to that purpose and ensure employees that this data is protected. 

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Before using a GPS tracking system for trucks, you may want to check existing provincial laws to ensure that your actions are legal. For instance, according to British Columbia’s Personal Information Protection Act, any data collected on an employee’s location and behavior is considered personal information, no matter who owns the device. 

It’s important to know that, in Canada, no privacy law allows continuous, real-time monitoring of employees outside of work hours by GPS tracking. By being transparent with your employees about the use of GPS tracking for trucks, you build trust and promote ethical conditions.

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