Texas ELD Mandate

FMCSA established ELD rules mandatory for most commercial motor vehicle (CMV) owners by the end of 2015. Since that time, it was enforced twice. The last edition takes effect this year, requiring installing compliant devices.

Texas became the first state to adopt the FMCSA’s ELD mandate in 2017. Many state subjects tend to mirror all Federal laws for local regulation automatically, so ubiquitous appliance of the ELD mandate is just a question of time.

As the announced two years ago deadline is getting closer, more and more drivers update their equipment every day. So, what are the Texas ELD rules, who can avoid renewing usual duty statuses recording and when are compliant ELDs to be installed and put into practice? Let’s find it out!

Main Info

The last update to the Texas Hours-of-Service code made it obligatory for intrastate truckers to apply ELDs in their work. Electronic Logging Devices allow recording duty statuses in unified form.

The new Texas ELD mandate doesn’t contain many details and particular information: it refers to general postures of the FMCSA’s ELD regulation papers. Basic logging device specifications are the same as the FMCSA’s ELD bill defines. Local regulative paper additionally determines an exception for agriculturatel products transporting.

These are the main postures of the Texas Intrastate ELD Mandate:

  • Commercial fleet drivers need to apply ELDs to record their hours-of-service (HOS).
  • ELDs must match defined standards and be certified by FMCSA.
  • Truckers need to keep a list of certain supporting documents.
  • The document inhibits overdrive and harassment as ELDs automatically record hours-in-service.

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Dates & Deadlines

By the beginning of March, 2019, you have more than 9 months until the ELD compliance date. After December 18, 2017 truck drivers had two more years to include usage of electronic logging devices into the list of their daily affaires. So, Texas truckers need to apply the system by December 16, 2019.

Texas ELD Mandate Timings

Date ELD update
12.16.2015 The final version of ELD rule was established
12.18.2017 All drivers were to apply ELD or AOBRD instead of paper logs
12.16.2019 Texas ELD enforcement: deadline for obligatory installation of ELDs

Are you ready for the upcoming ELD Deadline? If so, you surely appreciated all the benefits of the new electronic system. Otherwise, you can choose an appropriate ELD on HOS 247 website and clarify all necessary information with the help of our specialists.

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Despite the fact new rules are to be applied by the majority of drives, these are few categories of drivers who have no need in ELDs.

New regulation doesn’t concern:

  • Truckers transporting agricultural crops during the harvest period within the limits of 150 air-miles area. The radius is calculated from the place of growth, production or distribution.
  • Those who’s CMVs were assembled before 2000 (in 1999 or earlier). There is no need in installing ELD into such trucks.
  • Towaway truckers who deliver CMVs as a part of their shipment. Those truckers are not actual owners of driven autotrucks, so they do not have to install any additional equipment.
  • Truckers who do not maintain Record of Duty Status (or RODS) using one of existing short-haul exceptions: 150 air-mile and 100 air-mile ones.
  • Drivers who maintain RODS for 8 days or less each month. Time by time truckers who use the short-haul exception have to cross the border of calculated area. Breaking the exception during less than 8 days in month, they can avoid installing ELDs as well.

Pre-2000 exclusion is based on the fact that most autotrucks manufactured before the new millennium are not equipped with an ECM – engine control module. It is necessary for ELDs operating.

Take it into consideration! According to the last FMCSA statement, this exception is based on CMV’s engine manufacturing date instead of the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). In other words, older trucks with new engines are to be equipped with ELDs, while vehicles produced after 2000 but powered by old ICEs have no need in electronic devices.


In spite of the fact some drivers are free from mandatory usage of ELDs, numerous companies apply electronic logging devices all the same as they are connected with many benefits.

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Why Are ELDs Useful for Your Company?

The next step in CMVs driving regulation has great positive impact on trucking business:

  • Easy hours of service compliance. ELDs make drivers stick to their schedule 50% more precise and reduce the frequency of accidents by 10%.
  • No costly paperwork!
  • Economy due to identifying wasteful driver behaviors and less number of fines.
  • Operational costs reducing. Better management, IFTA calculation with minimum errors, route planning and GPS tracking of vehicles in real time.
  • Estimated profits increasing.

What Should You Know About the Hours-of-Service?

To prevent crashes caused by truckers’ fatigue, FMCSA foresaw hours-of-service, or HOS, regulations. They define the number of hours a commercial autotruck driver can pass behind the wheel.

Current Safety Regulations

Current rules include following hours-of-service recommendations.





Up to 11 hours

Maximum driving period (without reference to the presence of cargo) cannot exceed the specified time. You can continue driving after 10 or more hours off duty.


10 hours

Required before restarting your work

Period on service

14 hours

Driving is restricted after 14 hours on duty.


30 minutes

It is necessary to have a break before starting the 80th hour on duty.

Maximum number of hours on duty per 8 days

70 hours

Reaching this number of working hours makes the driver having 34 hours or more off duty

How to Start Recording with an ELD?

ELDs need to be connected to your vehicle’s engine through the ECM port. Then it automatically records all the necessary data such as time and date, you coordinates, engine hours and passed distance. ELDs start recording when the vehicle is moving faster than 5 miles per hour.

HOS 247 Devices for the Best Driving Experience

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Our company offers a number of electronic logging devices for every task.

There are multiple reasons to choose our production:

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  • You can choose an application compatible with most smartphones and tablets and use your familiar device.
  • Our ELDs let you forget about annoying paperwork and help avoiding violation.

Even More Reasons for the Right Choice!

We produce tracking devices, fully complying FMCSA’s rules, and can advise you on all the unclear moments of new regulation papers.

You can opt for a free demo version of device to estimate all the benefits of the technology. Contact our specialists at (415) 839-9977 and become the Texas ELD mandate compliant today!

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