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HOS247 is an industry leader providing HOS ELD Solutions. It provides a complete system including a HOS log book app/portal and a standalone logging device, to make sure all the compliance needs of drivers and companies are covered. Drivers and carriers highly rate HOS247 on Google Play Store and Apple Store and confirm HOS247 ELD is one of the best HOS compliance solutions on the market today. The complete system of customized packages helps truckers and companies comply with the ELD Mandate and exemptions.

HOS247 provides top-rated customer support to truckers and company operations. Packages can be customized to the needs of any trucking/bus company, whether large or small.  In addition, call center operators can provide solutions in four different languages: English, Spanish, Russian, and Polish. Stay current with the Canadian ELD Mandate and switch to HOS247.  With no contract, Hassle-Free 2-week returns of all equipment, and free logging devices for annual plans, HOS247 turns stress into solutions for truck drivers and companies alike.

HOS247 has drivers and companies covered!

  • A complete system that interfaces with drivers’ own smartphones or fleet tablets.  No need for drivers to buy expensive equipment
  • Easy setup for Transport Canada inspection.  Drivers show their logs to inspectors, with no need for a printer.  HOS electronic logs are visible in electronic devices apps and the portal.
  • Fleet tracking.  Real-time solutions for company dispatchers to know where their vehicles are located.
  • Compatible with different size fleets – small, medium, large, and owner-operators.
  • Installed within minutes.  Can be mounted on the dashboard and connected using Bluetooth.
Flexible plans whether you have 1 or 500 vehicles

The Canadian ELD Mandate

From June 12, 2022, the rules surrounding how commercial drivers and fleet collect and record drivers’ hours of service are changing. From the referenced date, all drivers must transition away from paper logs to electronic logging devices (ELDs) to log their record of duty service. Paper logs are cumbersome and slow, and so drivers are likely to enjoy a whole range of benefits from going fully electronic. 

This final rule on the use of electronic logging devices is known as the ELD Mandate, and it was first proposed by the Canadian government late 2016 after an extensive period of industry stakeholder comments. On December 16 2017, the Government published the regulation amendment proposals in the Canadian Gazette, citing the success of the similar American ELD final rule, setting out the plans and reasoning for transitioning to electronic loggers. 

In their final published regulations on the ELD Mandate in June 2019, Transport Canada set their HOS compliance date of June 12, 2021. However, the Minister of transport announced in May 2021 that a progressive enforcement period would be established, making the full compliance date June 12, 2022. Drivers, whether freelance or part of a fleet, operating federally must by this date have installed an e-log to their commercial vehicle or risk sanctions. 

truck logbook app

What is an ELD

An electronic logging device (ELD) is a device that records driving data and allows to manage HOS for truck drivers. Compared to traditional paper logs, ELD-sourced data is more accurate and therefore invites greater compliance with hours of service regulation. A logging device connects to a driver’s engine and records stops and starts, distance driven and the duration of a journey.

ELDs will be certified by the Government nominated third-party organisation, which will ensure the e-logs are tamper-proof, completely safe and accurate before devices ship to the market.

Some drivers dislike the idea of installing ELDs as some fear it will limit the hours commercial truckers will be able to work for. However, this isn’t true – as hours will only decrease if the hauler was improperly recording their hours as the Canadian hours of service rules remain unchanged.

Better Electronic Logbook App

It may be time to switch to a better electronic logbook if your customer support is not giving you the solutions you need. If technical support hides when problems happen – try a better way down the long road.  HOS247 representatives do what they say and stand behind products with logging devices that work. Custom packages of products best suit the size and type of fleet and support the unique needs of each trucking business. Whether you are an owner-operator or your fleet is large, small, or in-between, HOS247 can satisfy your requirements.

The logbook app and standalone logging device work together as a better solution for wraparound service.  Meeting safety and productivity standards are a snap with the HOS247 system. Automatic HOS (Hours of Service) calculations and alerts prevent violations. Drivers get clear outlines of driving times, miles, and locations with the HOS 247 system.

Rules and Exemptions

Whilst most, if not all, commercial drivers would benefit from the simplicity and safety of using ELDs, there exists some statutory exemptions to the ELD Mandate meaning some drivers will not be required to transition to using eLogs. 

If a driver meets any of the following requirements, they are permitted to continue using paper logs: 

  • If the commercial vehicle’s engine was manufactured before the year 2000. 
  • If the driver holds a statutory exemption
  • If the driver has a permit from a provincial or territorial HOS director.
  • The commercial vehicle is subject to a rental agreement for a term length of below 30 days.
  • If the driver returns to their home terminal each day for a minimum of eight consecutive hours off-duty.
  • If the driver operates within a 160km radius of their terminal. 

If a commercial driver meets any of the above, they are not required to use an ELD and will not face penalties for not complying with the mandate. But, with the lack of a grandfather clause, if a driver were to fall out of the exemption criteria (for example, if they were to operate out of their 160km radius even just once), they would be subject to the mandate. 

Add options as you grow when you need them

Features to Manage Your Fleet

Besides covering the ELD Mandate compliance, HOS247 systems include optional features to help carriers manage and monitor fleets.

logbook device

GPS Tracking provides tools to see where every driver and vehicle are located, in real-time. Fleet managers can see at a glance what routes drivers are taking and how far they are from their destinations.  GPS provides the big picture of fleet traffic. Historical data delivers an informed basis to make fleet decisions. GPS tracking is part of the HOS247 package, making real-time data available.

IFTA Mileage reporting used to be a headache. Drivers had to collect a flock of receipts every time and place they fueled up their rigs and track their mileage per state. With automated IFTA mileage reporting, hand calculations are unnecessary. What a timesaver!

HOS247 systems provide a better way to dispatch.  Dispatchers can ensure that the right load gets to the right driver to the right customer by using combined dispatch and ELD HOS solutions. The HOS-powered dispatch system provides more accurate information at a glance.  No wonder thousands of drivers and carriers rely on HOS247. HOS247 delivers the best results around the clock, seven days a week.

"Awesome. Easy to install and use. Top notch customer service! I recommend it to everyone.”

Abigail Freemantle
Schrader Co
“Great company to deal with. The support team is very responsive and competent. They provided a great deal of education for our company.”
Evgueni Stoupine
GMS Global Group
“Customer service is great. They helped me to set up everything and showed how to edit my logs. Thank you.”

Ilya Kulagin
Manuel Jenez
Free hardware options, no monthly fee options
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