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The ELD Mandate is now in effect although full enforcement has been delayed to January 1, 2023. ELD devices are becoming essential tools for truckers and carriers to follow stay in compliance with federal regulations. HOS247 services and technology help drivers, owner-operators, and fleet operations adhere to hours of service rules and ELD mandate standards. 

HOS247 Provides ELD Trucking Devices

HOS247 provides reliable technology to comply with the mandated hours of service regulations. Drivers and managers can rely on customer support professionals who speak English, Spanish, Russian, and Polish. Devices pair easily with tablets via Bluetooth. The electronic truck logbook apps and other software connect in a flash to help drivers manage routes and compliance. HOS247 devices deliver all-in-one solutions with no contracts and hassle-free two-week returns.

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Canadian ELD Mandate

The much anticipated ELD mandate was released by Transport Canada on June 13, 2019, through Gazette II. The mandate states that all commercial vehicles or carriers must use a certified bluetooth ELD (electronic logging device) to record driver RODS and HOS. Although this federal legislation came into effect on June 12, 2o21, manual recording on paper logs will not be penalized by Transport Canada until the end of the progressive enforcement period, which was originally programmed for June 12, 2022, but has been delayed to January 1, 2023. 

The ELD mandate was issued by Transport Canada to enhance road safety and vehicle security. Also, the electronic logging system will save tons of paperwork and manual labor. Carrier companies or individual owners will also get better returns on their investment as fleet management becomes automated. The total benefit estimated in a report released by Canada Gazette amounted to more than 350 million dollars for all fleet companies and vehicle owners.

HOS 247 ELD Device

What Is an ELD Trucking Device?

An ELD is a logging device that connects to the vehicle’s engine to automatically record vehicle diagnostics and driver information like HOS, RODS, IFTA mileage, etc. The recorded data is then processed into a report that can be accessed remotely by fleet managers and dispatchers or on-site by the driver and safety officials. ELD trucking devices also allow drivers to manage logs and driving status. Here is a list of functions that an electronic logbook performs: 

Manage or edit logs and DVIRs: A registered electronic logbook will allow drivers as well as fleet managers to access and edit logs and DVIRs during duty hours. Drivers can access the ELD via Bluetooth or USB and fleet companies can get remote access through cellular data (preferably 4G network). 

Auto-record HOS: The e-log device can automatically record the hours of service by monitoring driving status and tracking engine usage. 

IFTA mileage: A certified ELD device for trucks will automatically record the mileage by tracking engine start-up and stop along with the speed of the vehicle. 

Driver support: The e-logging device will facilitate on-road communication between driver and fleet manager to resolve compliance issues or problems like vehicle breakdown, dispatch assignment, etc. 

Vehicle diagnostics: The registered ELD will maintain a record of vehicle diagnostics, engine usage, distance traveled, fuel consumption, RODS, HOS, etc. in the form of reports. This will help fleet managers to schedule routine maintenance saving unexpected break-downs. 

Stay compliant: The e-log solution collects all the data to prepare an automated report that complies with the norms of Transport Canada. This helps avoid manual errors thereby preventing audit risks.

Who Is Affected by the Canadian ELD Mandate?

According to Transport Canada, more than 160,000 commercial vehicles will come under the radar of the ELD mandate. Commercial vehicles including trucks and buses that operate under the federal government must comply with the Canadian ELD mandate. 

Commercial vehicles that operate within a province must adopt the rules specified by their provincial government. Vehicles that provide both provincial and extra-provincial transportation are managed by the federal government and hence will be affected by the ELD rules. 

Transport Canada has also made it obligatory for drivers and fleet companies to use registered ELDs only. Vehicles using unregistered electronic logging devices to record HOS or RODS need to switch to certified ELDs within the compliance period to avoid penalties. As per the rules issued by Transport Canada in the mandate, ELD manufacturers cannot self-certify their products. This means all electronic logbooks should be certified by third-party accredited bodies only. 

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Canada ELD Mandate Exemptions

Transport Canada has established exemptions to the ELD mandate for commercial vehicles. This means some carriers, including trucks and buses that are operating extra-provincially, may not have to follow the new ELD rules. Here are the criteria of exemptions to the Canadian ELD mandate:

  • If the vehicle is operating under a special permit from the territorial or provincial HOS director, then it is exempt from the ELD rules.
  • Some vehicles may operate under a statutory exemption so they do not have to comply with the new rules.
  • If the commercial vehicle is operating under a rental agreement for a period of less than 30 days, then ELD mandate does not apply.
  • Vehicles of older models (manufactured before the year 2000) do not have to comply with the ELD mandate.
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HOS247 Is a Reliable and Efficient Choice

HOS247 provides high quality ELD trucking devices with top-rated support. Our support team members are knowledgeable about HOS compliance and operations, as well as troubleshooting problems on the road. We are able to assist customers in English, Spanish, Russian, and Polish.

HOS247 provides training to drivers on how to connect ELD devices to trucks and how to use electronic logbooks in a compliant and efficient manner, making it so much easier for fleet managers to stay on top of safety regulations. HOS247 provides a seamless transition for drivers, owner-operators, and safety managers to comply with the ELD Mandate.

HOS 247 Elog App

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ELD Mandate Updates
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What Is the Canadian ELD Mandate? The Canadian ELD mandate was announced on June 13, 2019, by the Canadian Minister of Transport Marc Garneau and went into effect on June 12, 2021. The progressive enforcement period announced by Canadian authorities

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