Preparing for Truck Daily Log Book Compliance in Canada

A truck daily log book is used to keep records of duty status (RODS) of commercial drivers to ensure compliance with hours of service rules and regulations. There are two types of logbooks:

  1. Paper logs. The driver must fill them out manually and update them every time they switch statuses.
  2. Electronic logs. An electronic logging device connects to the vehicle’s engine and automatically records driving time and other information.

Once the ELD mandate is fully enforced in early 2023, commercial vehicle drivers will have to use electronic logbooks to keep track of their hours of service. However, some drivers are legally exempt and may still use paper if required to keep RODS. For example, drivers with a statutory exemption or special permit are not required to use an electronic logbook. Drivers operating on short-term rental agreements (30 days or less) or whose commercial vehicle was manufactured before the year 2000 are also allowed to keep their logs on paper.

Drivers required to use an inspection log book should also know how to fill out a paper log; it may become necessary in case of malfunction. Aside from the driver’s duty status, a truck daily log book should also contain, amongst other information, the total distance driven during the 24-hour period, the name of the carrier and main office address, the name of the co-driver (if applicable), and shipping document number. It can also include details on breakdowns or accidents. The log, be it on paper or electronic, must always be certified and signed by the driver to comply with Transport Canada’s regulations.

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Key ELD Mandate Requirements

Full enforcement of the ELD mandate has been postponed to January 1st, 2023. Drivers will be expected to comply with the regulations in full to avoid penalties. The rule states the following daily driver log book requirements:

  • Electronic logbooks must be installed in all commercial vehicles for drivers to prepare hours-of-service logs (unless an exemption applies).
  • Elogs must be manufactured according to the standard set for their performance and design.
  • The truck daily log book must be certified by a qualified third party entity.
  • Drivers and carriers must have the specified supporting documents available in the event of an inspection.

Driving with HOS247 ELD

HOS247 Is a Top-Rated ELD Provider

Apart from a truck daily log book that helps you achieve compliance, you might want a well-rounded elog system that can add value to your business. Looking at user experience is likely the best way to start the search. User reviews at the Android and iOS app stores are sure to lead you to a user-friendly daily log book for truck drivers. HOS247 has a variety of customers ranging from owner-operators to large fleets, so we have created a truck daily log book that works just as well across fleet sizes. These are some valuable benefits of our logbook:

  • Top-rated customer support. Whenever you need assistance, you can contact our technical assistance team. We are available seven days a week and our reps speak four languages (English, Spanish, Russian, and Polish). If the call drops, you can be sure we will get back to you right away so your issue is resolved.
  • User friendly interface. We have developed a simple and straightforward app that allows easy navigation.
  • Reliable hardware. HOS247 provides you with a high quality hardware that has been tested extensively to ensure a fluid and stable Bluetooth connection that will not break down in the middle of an operation. Our one-year warranty means we will replace your device for free if something goes wrong in that time. 
  • Two-week trial period. You get two weeks to try out the HOS247 logbook and make your decision. If you choose to return it within this period, you will receive a full, hassle-free refund.
  • No commitments. Our plans are flexible and our no-contract policy allows you to scale your plan up or down or cancel if you need to.
  • Extra features. These include real-time GPS tracking, vehicle diagnostics with fault code detection, IFTA calculations, fleet maintenance, and more.

User reviews for HOS247 back us up as a top-rated provider. Our dependable, performance oriented system supported by quality customer service makes us a reliable business partner. Clients appreciate the efforts of our team in developing a solution that caters to their needs and is built upon knowledge and experience with driver daily log requirements.

HOS247 Meets Current HOS Requirements 

Records of duty status keep track of the amount of on-duty time drivers are allowed. This includes driving time, number and length of driving and resting periods to make sure drivers stay awake and alert. As a general rule, all carriers and drivers operating commercial motor vehicles must comply with hours of service regulations.

These rules exist to increase road safety by ensuring enough rest for drivers so they remain alert while working. Elogs’ software should always be updated to support current HOS rules. Drivers are allowed to forgo HOS rules if there is a legitimate safety reason. The electronic logbook must also support these exceptions, including: 

  • Emergency conditions. Drivers may extend their driving time to reach a safe destination in case of emergency.
  • Adverse driving conditions. Drivers may reduce their daily off-duty time and add it to their driving time under adverse driving conditions. This exception applies only when the trip would have been manageable under normal conditions. The eight off-duty hours must still be taken and their on-duty time, and cycle time must not be extended by more than two hours.
  • Sleeper berth provision. Drivers can split their off-duty time into no more than two periods that can be spent in the vehicle’s sleeper berth. Each period must last at least two hours, and they must add up to at least eight hours.

Bear in mind that the ELD mandate will not apply to vehicles operating within a 160-kilometer radius from the home terminal, but the ELD will become necessary the moment the vehicle travels outside of that distance.

HOS247 provides a reliable electronic logging device and an online logbook app in the U.S. and Canada, and has done so for years. We make sure to keep up with changing regulations so drivers and fleet managers are always covered. 

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Upgrade to a 4G GPS Tracking System

Carriers are phasing 3G out to make room for faster 4G devices. The 4G network is up to 10 times faster depending on coverage, improving response times and system connectivity. Soon, 3G networks will be shut down and motor carriers might be stuck with obsolete hardware, having to pay for something that is no longer useful.

HOS247 GPS Tracking System

HOS247 has been providing trucking solutions for years. Our tracking system has optimized costs for fleets in many ways and has the following benefits:

  • Lower fuel costs. Speeding contributes to increased fuel use. Fleet managers can monitor driving behavior such as speeding and idling and take measures to solve the problem. 
  • Prevent excessive idling. Fleet managers can take corrective actions when this time exceeds an acceptable duration.
  • Recovery after theft. HOS247 can keep a fleet secure with its hidden GPS tracking devices that can help recover a vehicle or any asset if it is stolen. Additionally, it can let fleet managers know when a vehicle is due for maintenance, reducing the need to repair vehicles and ensuring compliance with safety guidelines. 
  • Improved dispatch. Having a bird’s eye view of the fleet and the drivers’ remaining HOS helps dispatchers assign loads more efficiently. It also allows them to see the best routes for the quickest delivery. 

At HOS247 we have assembled a team to help you make the most out of your tracking software. Our top-rated customer service and other benefits help fleets save money and keep drivers safe. Our ELD, GPS tracking, IFTA calculations, and other benefits help ensure compliance and improve fleet performance.

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