Where to Buy ELD Devices in Canada for Enhanced Efficiency

With the elog mandate in effect, business owners risk facing serious penalties and expensive fines for non-compliance, so the reliability of an electronic logging device has become one of the most crucial characteristics to consider. Are you a motor carrier wondering where to buy ELD devices that meet the highest standards of quality and compliance? Typically, users visit the manufacturer’s website to purchase an elogbook. However, it’s a good idea to do some research on potential providers and check ratings and reviews from other truckers before making a purchase. In this article, we will guide you through the essential qualities of reliable electronic logging devices to help you choose a Transport Canada-compliant option that brings added value to your business.

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Is It Time to Switch to a Better Electronic Logbook?

A faulty or unreliable elog can lead to a frustrating user experience, causing truckers to face a range of issues that can result in anything from minor delays to being put out of service. So, what are the warning signs that indicate you might need a more dependable Transport Canada electronic logging device? Let’s go through some of the most common red flags:

  • Technical support is hard to reach. Ineffective customer service can cause significant frustration, leading to driver dissatisfaction. Long waiting times, unhelpful or inexperienced staff, language barriers, and limited availability are some of the problems that can arise. These issues can hinder your business’s operational efficiency, especially if drivers consistently struggle to receive adequate assistance. If you are experiencing such problems, you might want to consider changing your electronic logbook provider.
  • Completing administrative tasks takes a lot of time. The primary purpose of e-logbooks is to streamline the tracking of hours of service and ensure compliance with electronic logging device requirements. If your current solution is overly complicated or requires excessive manual input from your back-office staff, it may indicate that you need to look for a more straightforward system.
  • Your staff is not satisfied with the solution. Your drivers are the ones who will be using the electronic logging device day in and day out, so their satisfaction with the solution is crucial. If your drivers are consistently complaining about the ELD or finding it difficult to use, they might not use it properly, so it’s worth exploring other options.
  • Pricing isn’t transparent. You need to know exactly what you’re paying for when it comes to your elog solution. If your provider isn’t transparent about pricing or is adding extra fees post-purchase, look for a more upfront pricing model. 

Selecting the appropriate elog provider is crucial to improve compliance, productivity, and overall worth of your business. In the following section, we will introduce a high-quality ELD mandate device that can help your business grow.

HOS247 reliable ELD solution

HOS247 Is a Leading Provider of Electronic Logging Devices

HOS247 is a top-rated solution among truckers, as evidenced by the reviews on unbiased platforms like Google Play and the App Store. Our electronic logging device has received numerous five-star ratings and positive feedback from users who appreciate the device’s reliability and efficiency. Some of the key characteristics that make us a leading provider of ELD mandate devices include:

  • Easy-to-use system. HOS247’s elog features a user-friendly interface for simple HOS management and inspection report generation that help achieve maximum compliance with Transport Canada regulations. Our device is built with high-quality materials, and offers a stable Bluetooth connection and compatibility with a variety of vehicle types.
  • Excellent customer service. Truckers praise our efficient and multilingual customer support team, which is available seven days a week to answer questions and troubleshoot issues. Plus, we have a callback policy meaning that if your call gets disconnected, our support managers will reach out to you immediately.
  • Upfront pricing. At HOS247, we want our customers to understand exactly what they are paying for and feel confident that they are getting a fair price for our services. Our pricing model is straightforward, with no hidden fees or surprise charges.
  • Flexible subscriptions. We offer a range of pricing plans, including both monthly and annual subscription options, rather than long-term contracts. This allows our customers to choose the plan that best fits their needs and budget. Our subscription plans are easily scalable, meaning that customers can upgrade or downgrade as their needs change, or cancel their subscription at any time without any hassle.
  • One-year warranty. HOS247 hardware is built to be durable and long-lasting. In the unlikely event that the device fails within the first year of use, we will replace it free of charge with a new one to ensure that our customers have a reliable and efficient device.
  • Two-week trial. Our trial period allows customers to experience the benefits of HOS247 elog solutions before committing to a subscription plan. If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with our solution during these 14 days, we will refund your payment without any questions.

Other Benefits of HOS247 Electronic Logbooks

The HOS247 electronic logging device offers various benefits to motor carriers in addition to those mentioned in the previous section. These benefits include improved compliance, compatibility options, a user-friendly fleet manager portal, and flexible add-on features. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

HOS247 certified app

  • Improved compliance. By using HOS247 devices, carriers can significantly improve compliance and increase productivity, since they help the driver to prevent HOS violations. They also prepare complete and accurate inspection reports for officials in case of a roadside inspection.
  • Compatibility options. HOS247 electronic logbooks can be easily operated through Android or iOS tablets or smartphones, providing a user-friendly experience for both drivers and carriers. 
  • Improved efficiency. Designed with the user in mind, the HOS247 fleet manager portal ensures that even those without technical expertise can easily navigate and utilize the software to manage their fleets effectively. The portal provides real-time data on key metrics such as driver behavior, vehicle location, fuel consumption, and more. This makes it easier for fleet managers to make informed decisions regarding fleet performance and improve overall efficiency.
  • Flexible add-on features for upgraded support. HOS247 offers extra features to encourage the growth and success of businesses. In addition to providing reliable and compliant RODS functionality, HOS247 offers the following features to assist with fleet management and operations:
    • GPS tracking. HOS247 GPS tracking provides real-time visibility, allowing for quick response to issues as they arise, increased efficiency, and better customer service. 
    • IFTA calculations. This feature automates the calculation of distance traveled by jurisdiction for tax reporting purposes.
    • Vehicle maintenance. HOS247’s built-in maintenance management system provides reminders for upcoming service events and records past service history, including oil changes, tire rotations, warranty expirations, license renewals, and preventative maintenance routines. 
    • Fault code detection. The system alerts drivers of malfunctions. The alert is also sent to the fleet manager or maintenance department for quick response. This feature can help increase the lifespan of vehicles and avoid expensive repairs. 
    • Automated idle tracking. HOS247’s idle tracking system provides fleet managers with idling metrics to pinpoint specific areas for fuel waste reduction.

Understanding the consequences of non-compliance with the elog mandate is essential for motor carriers and drivers. In this context, it is important to consider the significant impact that ELD-related fines can have on businesses. In the following section, we will delve into the specific details of these consequences.

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ELD-Related Fines in Canada

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Canada mandates federally regulated carriers to install certified e-logbooks in their trucks from January 1, 2023. However, provinces have different approaches when it comes to penalties for non-compliance with electronic logging device requirements. Here is a summary of ELD-related fines across Canadian provinces: 

  • British Columbia. Fines of $520 for non-compliance starting August 1, 2023, and a requirement for provincially regulated commercial vehicle operators to use ELDs.
  • Alberta. Judges impose fines for federal hours of service violations, typically at $300 for a driver and/or $500 for a carrier for a first offense. Carriers operating solely within Alberta are not required to use ELD mandate devices. 
  • Saskatchewan. Officers can issue a citation, but there is no set fine amount. Fine amounts are set at maximums of $5,000 for an individual and $25,000 for a carrier. Provincial carriers regulated by provincial Commercial Vehicles Hours of Service Regulations do not require elogs. 
  • Manitoba. Fine for not using an electronic logbook when required is $298. Provincial carriers who do not travel outside a 160 km radius from their home terminal are not required to have an elog. 
  • Ontario. Fine amounts for ELD-related offenses range from $250-$400, and penalties for Hours of Service-related offenses range from $250-$20,000. Points imposed upon conviction of ELD-related offenses can affect the safety rating of carriers. 
  • Quebec. Electronic logging devices have been mandatory in Quebec since April 30, 2023, and fines for non-compliance are currently being established.
  • New Brunswick. A peace officer can issue a fine of $140 plus applicable surcharges and fees if an approved and working ELD is not present in the cab of a carrier’s truck. 
  • Newfoundland and Labrador. The government of Newfoundland and Labrador enforces Transport Canada’s commercial vehicle drivers hours of service regulations.
  • Prince Edward Island. The penalty for an out-of-court settlement for non-compliance is $200 if a motor carrier fails to equip a commercial vehicle with a compliant device.

Nova Scotia does not impose fines or points for ELD violations, and provincially regulated carriers are not required to have an ELD while operating solely within the province. Until June 30, 2023, soft enforcement and education will be used, and a mandatory ELD mandate will take effect on January 1, 2024, for provincially regulated carriers.

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