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Compliance and safety are critical reasons for using an electronic logging device. Yet, several other factors that might indicate if an elog system is right for your trucking business. Making the wrong decision might mean ending up stuck with unreliable technology or paying penalties to get out of a forceful contract. 

However, finding the elog solution with the best vehicle logbook app and quality hardware may be more complicated than one would expect. This article will introduce the HOS247 ELD, and it will give you tips on what to look for in an electronic logbook and ensure compliance.

Flexible plans whether you have 1 or 500 vehicles

HOS247 ELD Logbook Is a Top-Rated App

HOS247 ratings consistently show that users appreciate the quality of our services and performance of our ELD solution. We understand that electronic logbooks should be helpful, efficient, and easy to learn and use. As shown by user reviews on app distribution platforms, HOS247 customers appreciate how intuitive the logbook is and often mention its dependable performance and excellent quality of customer support. Clients range from owner-operators to large fleets, and we are very proud to see that they like their logbook. 

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What Are Some Valuable Qualities of an Electronic Logbook

Elogs are a tool of mandatory use that can be quite a hassle unless the provider has put some real thought into it. Here are some key aspects to take into account to find the most efficient device with the best vehicle logbook app:  

  • Straightforward installation. This is a one-time operation, but the speed of installation can affect the ELD rollout and cause downtime. If an installation process is complicated, it will likely be time-consuming and may affect the bottom line. Make sure to ask about his and any costs involved.
  • Clear pricing. Providers have different pricing structures, and it should be very clear when you ask about their prices what exactly is included with the service. When additional fees are charged for things like dedicated tablets, installation, activation, or training, these can add up to a much larger bill than you signed up for. Make sure you get a fully functional elog system for the price in front of you.

HOS247 logbook

  • Easy-to-use interface. Drivers have a lot to deal with while on the road. The elog app should not make that more challenging for them. Status updates, vehicle inspection reports, compliance reports, and the like should be accessible with a few taps of the screen. The best vehicle logbook app will be intuitive, easy to use, and liked by drivers—if drivers complain about the app, it might be a good idea to consider a different provider.
  • Compatibility with different devices. The best logbook app should be available for iPhone and Android smartphones, as well as tablets from both operating systems. A compatible app will be more quickly adapted and better received by the driver, not to mention cheaper, since drivers can use their own devices.
  • Compatibility with different vehicle classes. A single fleet can have light- and medium-duty trucks, vans, box trucks, trailers, and many other kinds of vehicles. A device that can operate across all types of trucks will simplify things considerably. Having just one solution means that the staff only needs to learn one system, which will simplify fleet management.
  • Flexible plans. The business will grow over time, and the ELD solution can also grow with it. The best online logbook provider will offer added value and allow users to adjust it to their needs. Look for plans that can be scaled up or down with extra features and providers that do not lock customers into long-term contracts.

Transport Canada Certification Process

Certification will be a critical part of compliance once the ELD mandate in Canada concludes its current progressive enforcement period. Drivers will have to keep their RODS with an electronic logbook, and elog providers will have to obtain certification from competent entities in order to operate in line with Transport Canada’s requirements. 

Providers must go to a third-party agency for accreditation, which will test both their device and logbook app for truckers. The accreditation body must have the approval of Transport Canada. Broadly speaking, the process is intended to ensure elog solutions are in strict compliance with the Technical Standard. The testing methodology includes simulations, bench top, and vehicle testing, amongst other processes.

Certified devices will be assigned a certification number valid for five years, but they will also be required to prove their compliance with the Technical Standard regularly through partial retesting. If an electronic logging system does not meet the requirements, providers are allowed to adjust for observations and retake the examination.

Reliable ELD HOS247

Should Drivers Choose Android or iOS Solutions?

Trucking professionals may be thinking: which operating system is better for the ELD app? Android and iOS systems each have their own strengths and the right choice does not really exist. Fleets might have many drivers, and they will probably prefer to work with one over the other. In that case, what really matters is that they can use a device they are comfortable with. A respectable ELD provider will make sure to offer app versions that run well on both systems. This will make learning much easier and the staff will surely appreciate it. HOS247 is fully compatible with both Android and iOS devices and top-rated on both platforms.

Add options as you grow when you need them

Benefits of HOS247 Logbooks

HOS247 makes it a point to offer drivers and motor carriers an effective solution for their needs. HOS247 ELD is an FMCSA registered device designed to enhance fleet performance and make operations smooth and efficient. The added value comes from several benefits, including:  

  • Top-rated user services. Customer support is critical to getting the most out of your logbook. Our multilingual team (English, Spanish, Russian, and Polish) is available Monday through Sunday, ready to answer any questions or troubleshoot any issues that may come up. 
  • Trial period. HOS247 offers users two weeks to try out the device and app for iPhone and Android to get a sense of how the system performs on the field. If customers choose to return the device within this period, they will receive a full refund, no hassle.
  • Contract-free subscription. Flexible plans are a staple of HOS247. The no-contract policy allows clients to scale their monthly plans up or down as their business requires or cancel if they so decide.
  • Reliable hardware. The best logbook app will still be only as good as the hardware that goes with it. HOS247 devices are resistant and easy to install to make sure performance is consistent and up to expectations. Our users appreciate the stable Bluetooth connection.
  • Driver-friendly interface. The hardware pairs up with an intuitive app with a straightforward design for drivers to easily manage RODS.
  • Extra features. Apart from elogs, HOS247 logbooks support the following fleet management features: 
    • Real-time GPS tracking.
    • Vehicle diagnostics with fault code detection.
    • IFTA mileage calculations.
    • Idle time monitoring.
"Awesome. Easy to install and use. Top notch customer service! I recommend it to everyone.”

Abigail Freemantle
Schrader Co
“Great company to deal with. The support team is very responsive and competent. They provided a great deal of education for our company.”
Evgueni Stoupine
GMS Global Group
“Customer service is great. They helped me to set up everything and showed how to edit my logs. Thank you.”

Ilya Kulagin
Manuel Jenez
Free hardware options, no monthly fee options
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