Best Vehicle Log Book App for Canadian Trucking Operations

The main requirement for any electronic logging device is compliance with Transport Canada’s ELD mandate. However, there are many other factors that turn out to be crucial when looking for a reliable provider. In this article, we discuss some red flags to avoid when selecting an elog system. We will also provide a list of major ELD providers in Canada and their app ratings to help you compare and choose the best vehicle log book app for your business.

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Red Flags to Be Aware of When Choosing Your Log Book App

Unlike the US self-certification process, the Canadian ELD mandate requires the service of a third party to certify electronic logging devices, considerably reducing the number of providers on the market. Focusing mainly on compliance with the rules established by Transport Canada, certification bodies may leave aside the importance of a satisfactory user experience.

The best vehicle logbook apps will not only make you compliant with the law but will also be dependable and easy to use. Let’s look at the red flags commonly found in ELD solutions:

  • Your drivers are not satisfied with the electronic log book. There can be different reasons truckers may not like the system, but the consequence will be the same: if drivers are not comfortable with the solution, they won’t use it properly. To avoid this situation, order a demo version for your staff to test and see if they are comfortable with it.
  • The solution is hard to use. Compliance is easier with an intuitive elog interface. Overly complicated systems might not be used properly, leading to violations and potential fines. They are also a considerable source of frustration for drivers and fleet managers. The best vehicle log book app should be easy to understand and use.
  • Support service is not dependable. Accessible customer support is as important as an efficient ELD solution. Without it, your crew risks having compliance issues, downtime or even being put out of service, compromising the quality of service offered by your company. A support team that leaves the needs of its customers unattended is an enormous red flag. It only takes a minute to call potential providers’ customer support line and verify you can get through easily. 
  • Hidden fees. To stand out from competitors, some providers offer suspiciously cheap solutions that result in frustrating additional expenses. Transparent pricing is another important aspect that defines a reliable ELD provider. Ask about any extra fees that a provider may charge for installation, training, proprietary tablets, or other services. 

HOS247 Offers A Top-Rated Log Book App

HOS247 ELD inspection log app

HOS247 is a leading elog provider and is top-rated by truckers. Among other benefits we offer, our clients highly appreciate our software that ranks amongst the best vehicle log book apps on Google Play and the Apple App Store — check out the following section for providers’ ratings and reviews. Easy to install and use, it features an intuitive interface that tracks driver’s 24 hour HOS activity, locates old logs, shares information about remaining driving and on-duty time, and provides a list of applicable HOS rules, for a maximum level of compliance.

In addition to a user-friendly interface, the HOS247 app is valued for its flexibility. We do not lock customers into long-term contracts, but rather like for them to stick around because they are satisfied with our service. We are confident in our logbook app because HOS247 clients are comfortable using it: their reviews serve as proof of our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Ratings of the Vehicle Log Book App Providers

Users’ reviews are a time-tested method to find truthful opinions about the product. To help you find the best vehicle log book app that suits your business needs, the HOS247 team made a list of major ELD providers with app store ratings. Reviews from actual drivers, fleet managers, and carriers provide relevant information about the benefits and shortcomings of existing options so that you can pick the vendor with the best vehicle log book app.


2 Samsara
3 KeepTruckin
4 JJ Keller
5 BigRoad
7 Geotab
9 PeopleNet
10 Verizon

Are Android or iOS Log Book Apps Better? 

Many carriers have a dilemma regarding choosing Android or iOS for their ELD software. In reality, it’s a matter of personal preference. A reliable elog app will run smoothly on both operating systems. Consider your drivers’ opinions before deciding on anything because they are the ones who will use the app daily.

For their convenience, pick a provider that offers the operating system that most of your crew uses or that supports both, so they won’t have to switch to an unfamiliar system. HOS247 features both Android and iOS apps to fit our clients’ needs.

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Additional ELD App Features to Optimize Operations

In addition to ensuring compliance, a reliable ELD may boost overall productivity with a set of extra features. Let’s examine what these tools are and how they can help your business thrive. 

  • GPS fleet tracking. Enhanced with advanced telematics technology, this tool provides complete fleet visibility in real time. Accurate GPS tracking allows more efficient dispatch, better customer service for your clients, and increased security. It also prevents theft through the alert system based on precise truck and asset location. 
  • IFTA calculations. This feature facilitates fuel tax reporting by calculating the distance traveled by jurisdiction. By automating the workflow, it reduces audit risk and human error. 
  • Vehicle maintenance. With this tool, truckers no longer need to track maintenance routines manually. Services are established based on accurate calculation of the distance, hours of usage, or scheduled dates. The system will let you know about upcoming maintenance events with the help of automatic reminders. 
  • Fault code detection. The system monitors vehicles in real-time, automatically identifying malfunctions and notifying the driver with a description of the fault code. With this tool of self-diagnosis and reporting, issues can be addressed in a timely manner, avoiding costly repairs. 
  • Automated idle reporting. This tool allows fleet managers to control fuel consumption by monitoring and reducing idling. The notifications help truckers obtain more fuel-efficient driving habits, while the business reduces fuel costs significantly.

HOS247 ELD connection diagram

HOS247 Customer Care Policies

HOS247 is a customer-centered provider, which means that clients’ satisfaction with our products and services is our top priority. We constantly work on improving our support service and making our conditions more flexible. HOS247 offers:

  • Knowledgeable and friendly customer support team. HOS247 offers top-rated customer service available from Monday through Sunday. Our team of skillful professionals speaks English, Spanish, Polish and Russian, and helps our clients resolve compliance issues and doubts about the everyday use of our devices.
  • Callback policy. With HOS247, you will never be without assistance. If the call drops, your support rep will contact you back immediately.
  • No-contract policy. HOS247 does not ask customers to sign a contract. Our goal is to help our clients find an ELD option that suits their needs. You can choose monthly and yearly subscription plans that can be easily scaled up, down or even canceled.  
  • One-year hardware replacement warranty. Our hardware, made out of resistant materials, is built to last. If it presents any malfunctions within one year, HOS247 will provide a free replacement.

If you are looking for the best vehicle logbook app with dependable hardware, we encourage you to ask for our 14-day trial. Request your demo and get to know the quality of service and benefits offered by HOS247.

"Awesome. Easy to install and use. Top notch customer service! I recommend it to everyone.”

Abigail Freemantle
Schrader Co
“Great company to deal with. The support team is very responsive and competent. They provided a great deal of education for our company.”
Evgueni Stoupine
GMS Global Group
“Customer service is great. They helped me to set up everything and showed how to edit my logs. Thank you.”

Ilya Kulagin
Manuel Jenez
Free hardware options, no monthly fee options
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