ELD to Comply With Semi Driver Hours of Service

Semi driver hours of service compliance is easier to achieve than ever before thanks to reliable ELD solutions like the one offered by HOS247. Fleet managers, owner-operators, and all types of drivers should rest easy knowing that their ELD solution can help them avoid fines, increase fleet visibility, improve operational efficiency, and even reduce costs. So if you’re looking to switch to an ELD to comply with semi hours of service, then HOS247 is the right choice. Our electronic logging devices provide automatic HOS, reports on duty status (RODS), vehicle diagnostics, and even a GPS tracking option. Read on to find out more about how HOS247 can help users keep their business running and their commercial vehicles on the road.

What Are The Hours Of Service For Semi Drivers? 

HOS (Hours Of Service) refers to the number of hours a CMV (Commercial Motor Vehicle) driver may work per day, week, or any other period mandated by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). In simpler terms, it refers to the amount of time a vehicle is allowed to be on the road. Drivers who are subject to HOS are required to:

  • Limit the amount of time spent driving or on duty (normally no more than 11 hours after 10 consecutive hours off duty)
  • Avoid exceeding the maximum amount of HOS set by law
  • Maintain RODS (Records of Duty Status), which are accurate records of the hours worked. These records must be available for inspection by either law enforcement or the FMCSA

Other requirements mandated by the FMCSA include a 30-minute break requirement to be taken after 8 cumulative hours of driving time, a sleeper berth that consists of a 10-hour off-duty minimum,  and a 60/70-hour limit where truckers may not be behind the wheel 60 to 70 in 7-8 consecutive days.

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An Electronic Logging Device You Can Depend On

Fleet managers, owner-operators, and independent drivers need a reliable ELD solution. HOS247 steps in as an industry leader that can help users stay compliant with semi driver hours of service regulations, improve their logistics, and optimize their fleet management. Our electronic logbook is FMCSA-approved and our company is known for providing outstanding customer support. A few of the HOS247 ELD key features are:

Automatic HOS

Our electronic logging device solution tracks semi truck drivers hours of service automatically, making it easy to adhere to current regulations. It also provides driving time, miles, and location records automatically. 

DOT Inspection Mode / Compliance Monitoring

Pass DOT inspections, avoid costly fines with our FMCSA-approved ELD, and monitor hours of service logs and DVIRs. All from the comfort of a phone or a tablet.

HOS247 ELD Components

Multiple HOS Rules & Exemptions

Stay compliant with multiple HOS rules such as Property/Passenger 60-hour/7-day & 70-hour/8-day. 

Compatible With Android & iOS

Download HOS247’s electronic logbook app from Apple Store or Google Play Store. The app is fully compatible with both operating systems.

Electronic DVIR

Ensure vehicle safety with easy-to-create/edit electronic driver vehicle inspection reports

Vehicle inspection reports are created and

submitted in seconds. 

IFTA Reporting

Reduce human error and audit risk with automated IFTA state mileage calculations.

ELD-Based Tracking

Gain full visibility of your fleet and improve your logistics and operations with the location history tracking system in HOS247’s electronic logging device.

GPS Tracking for a Complete Solution

There’s a simple way to help keep a truck as safe as possible: GPS tracking. At HOS247, we offer it as an add-on to our ELD solution to provide a complete product with advanced real-time GPS tracking telematics powered by 4G LTE Technology. Here are the main advantages of HOS247’s GPS tracking:

    • Faster Connectivity: Stay ahead of the 3G shutdowns. Our trackers’ 4G LTE Technology can help avoid service interruptions, speed up their connection, and enable route optimization.
    • Increase Fuel Efficiency: Our GPS tracker comes with a telematics solution that provides vehicle speed information, which alerts when the speed limit is exceeded or when a truck is idle. Reducing unnecessary speeding and excessive idling times can help reduce fuel wastage.
    • Provide Accurate Location-Based Information: With a GPS tracker, fleet managers can locate the vehicle closest to a particular location, which can help reduce dispatching time. An accurate location reading can also help optimize the company’s route planning and logistics. 
  • Improve Vehicle Security: Thanks to location-based data, the company can obtain the vehicle’s coordinates in case of theft or recover an item. This can also help managers track vehicles and receive alerts if the vehicle is being used after working hours.

Our 4G GPS tracking can help increase operational efficiency by providing complete control of any given vehicle 24/7, preventing risks, and saving time & money.

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Why Choose HOS247

By choosing HOS247 as an ELD provider, fleet managers, truckers, and owner-operators will obtain a top-rated solution with easy-to-use software and sturdy hardware designed to keep commercial vehicles running and compliant. And most importantly, at HOS247 we work tirelessly to provide our clients the biggest benefit: outstanding customer service 7 days a week. Here’s what HOS247 users will get:

  • Top-Rated ELD: Our FMCSA-approved electronic logging devices can help users stay compliant with semi truck hours of service in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. 
  • Reliable Hardware: HOS247’s focus has always been centered on dependability. HOS247 ELD hardware was strategically designed to be sound and reliable in order to prevent mid-drive breakdowns. Also, it is easy to install with a hassle-free process. And in case something were to happen, HOS247’s high-quality support is always there to help.
  • High-Quality Support: HOS247 customer service is available to help 7 days a week. In addition, support can be provided in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Polish, and Russian. This dedication and reliability are what makes HOS247 one of the top options in the ELD market. 
  • No Hidden Costs: With HOS247, there are no hidden costs. Everything is shown upfront, and it doesn’t matter if it’s just 1 vehicle or an entire fleet of 500 trucks.
  • No Long-Term Contracts: We offer two-week returns with no hassle. Also, with HOS247 you don’t need to commit to any long-term contracts and can cancel at any moment if you are not satisfied with the solution.

HOS247 ELD connection scheme

What Is A Semi Driver?

A semi-driver refers to the person that drives a semi-truck: anyone who earns a living driving a truck and transporting goods & materials over the road. Their routes switch between distribution centers or manufacturing plants to retail destinations and they can work at any given hour of the day (or night). There are three main types of truckers: company truck drivers, owner-operators, and independent owners. Most truckers are subject to HOS, which means they must abide by HOS regulations regarding total driving time and compliance.

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