Major ELD Manufacturers and Their App Ratings

Now that truckers and commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers have had time to become acclimated with the ELD Mandate, there’s no excuse for not complying with its regulations. Without a compliant electronic logging device, drivers risk being fined, placed out of service, or both.

However, choosing the right logbook can seem like a challenge with so many on the market, especially considering that ELD manufacturers self-certify their devices and the FMCSA does not verify compliance.

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Flexible plans whether you have 1 or 500 vehicles

Apart from inclusion in the list, we recommend truckers looking for an electronic logging device consider these features:

  • Intuitive interface. If it isn’t intuitive and easy to use, drivers may not use the elog correctly or they may not use it at all. A user-friendly app can go a long way to simplify compliance.
  • Positive reviews. Look for unbiased reviews from actual users, such as those posted on Google Play and the App Store; fellow truckers are the best source of information.
  • Efficient customer support. It takes only a minute to test customer support. Give the provider’s support line. If nobody answers, consider it a red flag. If they do answer, check that the person on the other side of the line is qualified to help. 
  • Bring your own device (BYOD) solution. Drivers appreciate the familiarity of their own devices. Some ELD manufacturers may require the use of their own tablets, meaning carriers will be locked into their ecosystem and will probably pay a hefty upfront fee. Look for a solution that works with drivers’ smartphones or tablets. It typically costs less and is easier to manage.

HOS247 ELD devices

  • No long-term contracts. Any contract that lasts more than one year is a red flag. Keep in mind that technology is fast-changing. Look for a provider that allows you the flexibility to accommodate your business’s evolving needs.
  • Experience. ELD manufacturers should be knowledgeable of the ELD mandate and all its technical requirements.
  • Multiple vehicle class compatibility. An electronic logbook that works with all classes of vehicles makes it easier for drivers who operate different types of CMVs. 
  • Transparent pricing. Watch out for hidden fees. If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Extra fees can be charged for installation, training, additional tablets, etc. Make sure to ask to avoid going over budget.
  • Adaptability. HOS regulations have been revised in the past and might be again. ELD manufacturers must update their devices’ software to support new rules should the FMCSA choose to adjust them. 

By keeping these features in mind, truckers can make an informed choice of electronic logbooks to stay in line with regulations and boost productivity, efficiency, and driver safety.

Major ELD Manufacturers’ App Ratings

To help drivers and carriers choose an elog that fits the needs of their trucking operations, the HOS247 team has compiled this list of ELD manufacturers and their app ratings. You can click on them to read user reviews.

2 KeepTruckin
3 JJ Keller
4 BigRoad
5 Garmin
6 Rand McNally
9 PeopleNet
10 Verizon
11 Stoneridge

Checking FMCSA Compliance 

Making sure a logbook is FMCSA-compliant isn’t as easy as it should be. Although the Administration provides a list of Registered ELDs, it doesn’t guarantee that its devices fulfill all legal criteria. Instead, ELD manufacturers are responsible for self-certifying their devices; vendors declare they meet the FMCSA’s requirements to register. If a device is proved to be non-compliant, it is removed from the approved list and placed on the list of Revoked ELDs. Carriers are left with the burden of finding a compliant solution within eight days of their provider’s revocation. 

HOS247 Is a Leading FMCSA-Approved ELD Manufacturer

Drivers and fleet managers choose HOS247 because it is a top-rated, FMCSA-approved elog provider. Major benefits of our logbook include:

  • Our multilingual customer service team is available seven days a week and speaks English, Spanish, Polish, and Russian.
  • A driver-friendly app trusted by fleets and owner-operators.
  • Complete visibility into trucking operations via an all-in-one platform.
  • Reliable hardware that installs within minutes and connects with the app via Bluetooth.
  • No contracts, meaning you can cancel or change plans at any time and for any reason.
  • Hassle-free, two-week returns.
  • FMCSA-compliance to avoid costly violations.

HOS247 inclusion in FMCSA list

HOS247 certification

Extra Features of HOS247 Logbooks

HOS247 offers an all-in-one fleet management solution to improve operations and increase profitability. Features include:  

  • GPS fleet tracking. Monitor vehicles in real-time to collect data such as vehicle location, idle time, and driver’s proximity to leading sites. HOS247 provides real-time visibility of the entire fleet on one centralized platform.
  • IFTA mileage calculations. Administrative staff does not have to perform complex calculations. Use HOS247 fleet management software to determine IFTA mileage by jurisdiction and avoid errors on tax reports.
  • Vehicle maintenance. Keeping track of maintenance schedules for each vehicle can be time-consuming. Let HOS247 automatically track mileage to remind you when your vehicles need an oil change, tire rotation, license renewals, and more.
  • Automated idle tracking. Gain visibility into your drivers’ idling habits, so you can improve fuel economy and find ways to improve driver behavior.
Add options as you grow when you need them

Advantages of Using an ELD Fleet Management System

Some ELDs may meet the minimum requirements of the mandate, and that might be enough for some truckers. However, fleets looking to improve efficiency and profitability can benefit from a fleet management system. These allow carriers to utilize information gathered by the electronic logging device to ensure that each company vehicle’s use aligns with the business’s objectives.

big rigs on a parking lot

The improper use of a carrier’s vehicles is a compliance issue, but it can also affect their bottom line—especially when gas prices are at a premium. These are the main benefits of implementing a fleet management system:

  • Increased driver and vehicle visibility.
  • Increased accuracy of ETAs.
  • Fuel savings.
  • Increased safety on the road.
  • Better driving habits can be fostered.
  • Accurate reporting.
  • Ability to recover lost or stolen vehicles.
  • Real-time location sharing.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
"Awesome. Easy to install and use. Top notch customer service! I recommend it to everyone.”

Abigail Freemantle
Schrader Co
“Great company to deal with. The support team is very responsive and competent. They provided a great deal of education for our company.”
Evgueni Stoupine
GMS Global Group
“Customer service is great. They helped me to set up everything and showed how to edit my logs. Thank you.”

Ilya Kulagin
Manuel Jenez
Free hardware options, no monthly fee options
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